Awusao’s Restaurant

Awusao’s Restaurant is located on Sanwan Old Street in Miaoli County. Its chef Liu Hsue-ling (劉雪玲) participated in the "2020 Hakka Stir-fry Culinary Competition" and won second place in the preliminary round of the county’s Central District. She later advanced to the national final and won the championship. Her culinary skills were praised by Singapore’s two-star Michelin chef André Chiang (江振誠), a Taiwanese native: "The taste is authentic, the cooking time and the temperature are properly controlled, and the traditional texture is still maintained in the midst of innovation."
Awusao’s Restaurant

Chef Liu Hsue-ling, who loves cooking, said that Hakka Stir-fry has all along been a popular item in the restaurant. The traditional dish came from the old days when it was not easy for the Hakka ancestors to cultivate food. They were thrifty; they saved the food used for praying to the gods and combined them with shallots or celery grown in their own vegetable garden, stir-frying the mixture into a home-cooked dish that is generally salty, oily, and fragrant. 

Awusao’s Restaurant named the Hakka stir-fry dish "Fried Pork Under the Bamboo Hat" because it was always able to satisfy the chef’s hungry grandpa coming back from a day of hard work tending to the crops in the fields. He would be so hungry that he would eat before taking off his bamboo hat, hence the name. In order to pursue the ancient taste of the ingredients, chef Liu puts oily rice on the bottom of the Hakka stir-fry to let the traditional aroma and the soup from the stir-fried ingredients flavor the glutinous rice, and she insists that the Hakka stir-fry should not use salt and monosodium glutamate (MSG) for seasoning. Instead, it relies on the purely brewed soy sauce produced in Pingtung County to bring out the original flavor of the ingredients. So it’s a case of innovating without losing the essence of the dish!
Hakka stir-fry dish

Chef Liu said that in order to prepare for the competition, team members practiced every night, and came up with different versions of the dish before selecting the one they liked the best to enter the competition. The team members also received very strict training. That’s how they were able to achieve such good results. During the practice, they demonstrated the indomitable spirit of the Hakka people. It took a lot of hard work to win the championship of the "2020 Hakka Stir-fry Culinary Competition.” Their stir-fry dish is definitely worth a try by everyone!