Registration Terms and Agreements

Hakka Affairs Council Single Sign-In Website Membership Registration Terms and Agreements

Thank you for visiting the Hakka Affairs Council Global Information Net website (hereinafter referred to as the Website). The Website absolutely respects and protects your personal right to privacy. To help you understand how the website collects, uses and protects the data you provide, please read the following information carefully:

1. Scope of Policy

The following privacy policy is used in when you are active on the Website, concerning the collection, management and use of personal data, but not used for other websites linked to the Website. All websites linked through the Website, whether they be independently operated by national government agencies at all levels or jointly operated by the Website with other agencies, groups or companies, have their own privacy policies and the Website is not responsible for any joint liability. When you are on another website, refer to that site’s privacy policy regarding personal data protection.

2. Personal Data Collection

When simply browning the Website and and downloading documents, the Website will not gather any data related to individual identity. When using services provided by the Website where the applicant is required to provide personal data, the Website will according to requirements request you to provide the most up-to-date, authentic data on your name, gender, date of birth and email address. The website only conducts analysis of overall user activity and will not analyze individual users.

3. Your Personal Data Rights

A data subject of the Website shall be able to exercise the following rights with regard to their data according to the Personal Data Protection Act:

1) To make an inquiry of or request to read their personal data.

2) To request a copy of their personal data.

3) To supplement or correct their personal data.

4) To demand the cessation of collection, processing or use of their personal data.

5) To erase their personal data.

If a user wishes to exercise the rights stated above, they may apply by contacting the Website. Please be aware: If you refuse to provide the data required for membership, you may be unable to enjoy complete service or be entirely unable to use the service.

The Website has a duty to protect each applicant’s privacy and will not alter or erase any personal data or files without your prior agreement, unless any of the following conditions apply:

 (1) It is done through a legitimate channel.

 (2) It is to protect or defend related personal rights or ownership.

The Website absolutely will not arbitrarily sell, exchange or rent any of your personal data to other groups, individuals or private enterprises, with the following exceptions:

 (1) To cooperate with a legitimate judicial investigation.

 (2) To cooperate with a competent authority in accordance with the need to investigate or use in the performance of their duties.

 (3) For legal requirements or in order to safeguard and improve the Website.

4. User account, password and security

All those who register for membership of the Website and use the services provided by the Website, are obligated to maintain and update their personal data, and to ensure the data are correct, up to date and complete. As prompted by the service registration form, provide the user’s own correct, up-to-date data. You may not register as a user under a third party’s name. Each user may only register one login account and may not repeatedly register. If you provide any erroneous or false data, the Website’s various related operating units have the right to refuse your account to use the Website’s services in full or in part. Maintaining password and account confidentiality is the joint responsibility of you and the Website. If your password or account is hacked or has any other security issue, please immediately notify the Website service address by email to help service personnel to assist in dealing with it. If the personal data you have provided violate or break the Website’s service goals, the Website reserves the right at any time to terminate your qualification for membership or to use any of the services. Please ensure that each time you are finished on the Website that you log out of your account and protect your account from being misused by another. If you share a computer with others or use a public computer, be sure to log out of your personal account and close the browser window to prevent other people seeing your personal data. The behavior of all users should follow domestic and foreign legal norms, and you should take full responsibility regarding anything that happens to your personal account and password.

5. User Conduct and Obligation to Obey the Law

1) Any commercial activity that has not received prior authorization is forbidden.

2) You must abide by applicable laws and regulations, and be responsible for any behavior undertaken under the user’s name and password.

3) You may not promulgate, publish or upload any language, image, or any form of file that is defamatory, threatening, insulting, assaulting, indecent, untrue, pornographic, violent, that violates public order or good social customs or uses other illegal language.

4) You may not use the service to induce, act as an intermediary for or engage in sexual transactions; to engage in gambling, incite or assist in crime, or encourage suicide.

5) You may not act in a way that impinges on the privacy of others, such as uploading, disseminating, or transmitting personal telephone numbers, email addresses and basic information.

6) You may not harm others’ trade secrets, trademarks, copyright, patent or other intellectual property rights, including disseminating pirated software, providing illegal MP3 or other forms of audio files for download or reproduction (audio recording, video recording or other direct, indirect, permanent or temporary method of reproduction) or similar behavior.

7) You may not use the community for spam ads, letters or junk emails.

8) You may not offer or advocate criminal behavior, ways to make explosives or other material on illegal activities, including making bombs or other assault weapons, or similar behavior.

9) You may not sell firearms, narcotics, banned drugs, human organs or other contraband.

10) You may not deliberately use inappropriate programming languages, damage the service page display or other such hacker behavior that affects regular operations.

11) You may not use the service for commercial or advertising purposes without the agreement of the Website.

6. Suspension and Discontinuation of Service

The Website will maintain the regular operation of the system and services according to all reasonable technology and methods. However, under the following circumstances, the Website has the right to suspend and discontinue providing the service:

 When the Websites telecommunications equipment is undergoing necessary maintenance and construction.

 When the telecommunications infrastructure malfunctions suddenly.

 When the Websites telecommunications service is suspended and is unable to provide service.

 When the Website is unable to provide the service due to force majeure factors such as a natural disaster, or other causes not attributable to the Website.

7. Refusal or Termination of Use

The user agrees that the Website may, based on preserving information security considerations (including but not restricted to lack of use, or violating the service terms in letter or in spirit), terminate the use of a user’s password, account (or any part thereof) or the service (or any part thereof), or remove and erase any of the service’s “user content.” Moreover, the user agrees that the Website service functions (user account password login, discussion forum etc) have been terminated, the Website bears no responsibility to the user or to any third party.

8. Privacy Protection Policy Advice and Assistance

If you have any queries or suggestions regarding the above terms, you are welcome to write to the service email address