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Department of Planning

Policy Planning Section

Ext. 515/


1.  To research, formulate, compile, assess and approve policy objectives, medium- and long-term individual projects and preliminary operation, medium-term and annual administrative plans of government infrastructure, national Hakka development plans, operation reports, and policy addresses.

2.  To plan, promote and organize council members conferences, National Hakka Conference, and meetings of national chief executives and council ministers of Hakka affairs.

3. To plan, promote, subsidize, superintend, guide, evaluate and approve Hakka knowledge system development; conduct national Hakka population and language basic information surveys.

4. To evaluate and grant the Hakka Contribution Award, and review, assess, approve and bestow the Hakka Affairs Professional Medal.

5. To provide guidance for and keep in contact with Hakka groups; compile, formulate, assess and approve consumer protection and gender mainstreaming programs; compile and present the results of Hakka volunteer service.

Information Management Section

Ext. 526/


1. To track the state of, regulate, assess and ratify individual operation projects, managerial meetings, administrative results and performances, and important assigned projects.
2. To plan, promote and manage information service and security.
3. To plan, operate and maintain the shared websites and systems.
4. To plan and promote the internal control and auditing.
5. To manage the reports of business trip abroad, publications and research.

Civil and International Affairs Section

Ext. 525/


1. To plan, coordinate, subsidize, and promote overseas Hakka affairs communication and Hakka organizations.
2. To plan, coordinate, and promote citizen participation in Hakka affairs, the growth of Hakka elders and youth social power.
3. To conduct overseas Hakka cultural exchange activities such as workshops, observation tours, visits, arts events, and meetings etc.

Department of Language Development

Language Education Section

Ext. 555/


1. Planning, coordination and promotion of Hakka language and culture education in school.

2. Planning, coordination and promotion of Hakka teacher training, empowerment and rewards.

3. Design, subsidies and promotion of Hakka teaching materials (tools) and teaching plans.

4. Other matters related to Hakka language education.

Language Planning Section

Ext. 545/


1. The promotion of Hakka language infrastructure construction.

2. Construction, expansion and application of Taiwan Hakka corpus.

3. Research and application of Hakka writing system.

4. To plan and promote certification examinations of different levels and certification examinations textbook publishing.

5. Other matters related to Hakka language planning.

Language Promotion Section

Ext. 301/


1. Planning, coordination and promotion of Hakka language as the local common language.

2. Planning, construction and promotion of the Hakka-speaking community.

3. Planning, coordination and promotion of Hakka friendly environment and Hakka interpreters.

4. Other matters related to the promotion of social Hakka language education.

Department of Industrial Economy

Innovation Incubation


Ext. 565/


1. To plan, coordinate, and promote the development of Hakka cultural industries.

2. To provide guidance on the management of Hakka cultural industries, and plan and promote the cultivation of talents.

3. To subsidize and reward Hakka cultural industries.

4. To deal with other affairs pertinent to startups of Hakka cultural industries and innovation incubation.

Hakka Industries Promotion Section

Ext. 575/


1. To plan, coordinate and promote marketing policies of Hakka cultural industries.

2. To plan and promote marketing campaigns of Hakka cultural industries.

3. To popularize startups of Hakka youths in Hakka settlements.

4. To deal with other affairs pertinent to the promotion of Hakka cultural industries.

Industrial Construction Section

Ext. 560/


1. To subsidize local governments for promoting the establishment of Hakka living environments and preserving, developing, and reusing traditional spaces.

2. To subsidize local governments for promoting the utilization, operations and counseling of Hakka cultural and industrial facilities.

Department of Art, Culture and Communication

Culture and Arts Section

Ext. 306/


1. Promote Hakka cultural and art activities and boost the development of Hakka art.

2. To cultivate and subsidize Hakka performing groups and help innovate Hakka arts.

3. To plan and promote festive events such as “The Hakka Tung Blossom Festival” and “Liudui Carnival”.

4. To provide guidance for Hakka festive events and cultivate local Hakka arts.

Content Industry Section

Ext. 535/


1. To deal with the concerned matters of administration and authorizations to use programs regarding Hakka Television.

2. To subsidize and provide guidance for the Hakka Public Communication Foundation.

3. To produce and broadcast promotional TV and radio programs about the Hakka language and culture; to subsidize the production of diverse communication contents.

4. Hakka communication industry and Hakka cultural content industry development business.

5. To maintain and operate the website for children, “Children’s Hakka School”, and the audiovisual platform website, “Broadcasting Hakka”.

Integrated Marketing Section

Ext. 540/


1. Integrated marketing and promotion of Hakka language development, art culture, and industry.

2. To make and shoot Hakka promotional short films about the Hakka language prestige.

3. To execute Hakka social action (experiment) events.

4. To keep in contact and maintain relationships with media, release news, and collect public opinions.

5. To plan, design and produce Hakka yearly calendar notebooks.


General Affairs Section

Ext. 585/


1. To deal with the management of properties, construction and maintenance and procurement, renting and allocating official vehicles and other matters.

2. To plan and promote construction supervision, the calls of public infrastructure promotion conferences, and private participation in infrastructure etc.

Documentation Section

Ext. 577/


1. To deal with the preservation and use of seals and the management of documentations and files.

2. To deal with chief conferences, disaster prevention, and publications revenues.

Civil Service Ethics Office


Ext. 599/


To deal with the affairs against corruption and about integrity in this council.

Personnel Office


Ext. 595/


To deal with the personnel affairs in this council.

Accounting and Statistics Office


Ext. 590/


To deal with matters related to budgeting, accounting and statistics.