Our Emblem

After the establishment of the Hakka Affairs Council on June 14, 2011, a competition was held to design a flag and logo that could boost public awareness of the council, foster a sense of group consciousness, and showcase the Hakka spirit.

With two online announcements and extensive promotion, top design talent from throughout Taiwan was invited to take part in this grand event. A total of 468 pieces were submitted, with one winner and seven honorable mentions chosen by the judging panel.

First prize was taken by Ms. Chang Kuei-yuen, whose design boasted an elegant, streamlined, and modern aesthetic that also captures the character and spirit of the Hakka people. Her design concept was “consolidating consensus and promoting Hakka culture, with the design itself based on the first Chinese character in Hakka,
, with the top two elements ( 
and ) combined into a roof-like image  and the lower part represented with a circular design. The top part conjures the image of a roof under which the people can gather, while also being styled in the manner of a traditional Chinese-style roof ridge, hinting at the Central Plains cultural origins of the Hakka people. The lower part has a sense of flow and power, symbolizing the inexhaustible vitality of the Hakka spirit.

As for the colors, the upper part is bordered with dark blue with a lighter blue inside, drawing inspiration from the “blue shirt” spirit of the Hakka and representing the hard-working, courageous, and upright character of the Hakka people. The lower part, meanwhile, is red, communicating the shared ideals of a new generation of Hakka as they move onward with a new spirit and aspirations.

Logo of the Hakka Affairs Council