Lo Sirong & Gomoteu: Original new Hakka ballads that are rich in literary value

Chinese name: 羅思容與孤毛頭

Year of Establishment: 2007

Founder: Lo Si-rong (羅思容

Known for poetic songs and broad musical style, Lo Sirong & Gomoteu is a band that retains the unique feature of Taiwan’s Hakka ethnic group and embodies the diverse and integrated cultures of Taiwan. The lead singer Lo Sirong is a unique Hakka music creator, poet, and painter. She writes in the languages of Hakka, Minnan and Mandarin. The bands album "The Flowers Beckon (攬花去)" won the Best Hakka Singer and Best Hakka Album at the 23rd Golden Melody Awards.

In 2002, when Lo was compiling the poetry anthology for her father, poet Lo Lang (羅浪), and inspired by Hakka culture and the beauty of the mountains and rivers, she plunged herself into writing songs. She sought literary and musical vocabulary from the unique context of the Hakka language, and created songs with lyrics that were full of literary meanings and musicality – child song-like lyrics that depicted the beauty of nature, humanity and life in a spiritual way. 

In 2007, Lo released her debut album "Everyday (每日)" at the age of 47. The album brought together songs she created in the past few years. Through her songs, she showed how she viewed the relationship between society, culture, nature, and people from a female perspective. In November that year, the album was specially recommended by fRoots, an authoritative British folk ballad magazine.

Following the success of the debut album, Lo formed a band composed of string instrumentalist David Chen (陳思銘), guitarist Huang Yu-can (黃宇燦), and folk music harmonica player Conor Prunty.

Released in 2011, the band’s second album "The Flowers Beckon" integrated the uniqueness of Oriental music and Western blues music into composition, instrumental music, singing, and arrangement. Through the songs, Lo sang about life experiences. It swept up even bigger pop music awards. Music commentator T.C. Chang (張鐵志) praised it as "a wonderful dialogue between the Hakka old mountain songs and the American blues tradition."

In 2015, Lo broke through the frame for Hakka women with the album More Than One (多一個). She selected twelve important female Taiwanese poets across generations and ethnic groups, and composed songs for their poems, making songs in three different languages, including Mandarin, Minnan and Hakka. In the album, she sang the story of Hakka women as well as her own homesickness. The album also continued to show Lo's concern about women’s situation and social issues. This album won the 16th Chinese Music Media Awards for Best Folk Musician.

In 2018, Lo invited the national treasures of Hakka folk songs Hsu Mu-chen (徐木珍) and five other musicians to work together to take Hakka folk songs and popular tunes as the keynote, mix in elements of Beiguan and indigenous music, and integrate the world musical styles such as blues, jazz, and Waka, a type of poetry composed in Japanese, to create a diverse album that encompassed cultural vision and deep care for humanity – “We Settled Here (落腳), which earned her the national recognition by winning the Golden Melody Awards for Best Hakka Album in 2019.