Dahu Wineland Resort

Dahu Wineland Resort in Miaoli
(Photo: Culture and Tourism Bureau of Miaoli County)


Chinese name: 大湖酒莊

Located at: Dahu Township, Miaoli County


In Taiwan, the place with the biggest strawberry planting area is Dahu Township, in Miaoli County, where more than 500 hectares of land are devoted to planting the fruit, accounting for about 80% of the country’s strawberry growing area and output. Strawberries are the main cash crop of Dahu. Therefore, Dahu is also known in Taiwan as the "Hometown of Strawberries". The period from November to April each year is the strawberry growing and harvesting season.

Under the active promotion of the Dahu Farmers' Association, Dahu Wineland Resort was established in 2002. Since its establishment, the winery has become an important tourism attraction in Miaoli County. As the local government and people operate and develop the cultural industry of Hakka villages, Dahu’s strawberry wine has also become a popular souvenir item and has become well-known. The strawberry wine industry has been combined with local tourism, including strawberry sightseeing and picking activities along the Provincial Highway 3, becoming the cultural industry of the Dahu region.

The strawberries grown here are processed from primary agricultural products into wines and other related by-products, and each wine has its own classification, sophisticated tasting and manufacturing knowledge, and specialized manufacturing and production process. Combined with the culture of the Dahu’s Hakka village, the strawberry wine produced here has become a well-known brand and symbol of the Dahu region. In addition to Canada and the United States, Taiwan is the third nation in the world to produce strawberry wine because of the Dahu Winery. Dahu Winery continues to improve its R&D technology and possesses the best brewing technology in Asia. People who have tasted Dahu strawberry wine are full of praise for the beverage.

In addition to selling local agricultural products, Dahu Wineland Resort has introduced distilled wine brewing equipment and technology from Germany to make the effective use of local resources and achieve the goal of zero waste of agricultural products. It has also made use of locally produced high-quality strawberry brewing to make the exclusive strawberry wine of Taiwan, living up to its reputation as the "Taiwan Strawberry Kingdom."

In Dahu Wineland Resort, the Strawberry Culture Museum was officially opened to visitors in 2004, and each floor has its own characteristics. The first floor is the special agricultural products exhibition area, which exhibits and sells strawberry-related products. The second floor is the video screening room and gift area. The third floor is the strawberry ecological display area, and the fourth and fifth floors are restaurants and sky gardens with local agricultural specialties. Offering a bird's-eye view of the landscape in the Dahu region, the museum is a comprehensive facility that can present the unique strawberry culture of the region. Dahu Wineland Resort develops various strawberry and plum wines. The Strawberry Culture Museum combines local industry resources with tourism and promotes local marketing, making local tourism resources more diverse and attracting tourists from all walks of life.

Dahu Wineland Resort showcases local characteristics and revitalizes the cultural industry. It is the best model for combining tourism, cultural characteristics and creating agricultural operations.