Hsu Jing-ting: passing on memories and history through art

Chinese name: 徐景亭
Birthplace: Taichung County (Central Taiwan)

Born and raised in Taichung’s Dongshi district, Hsu has started launching a series of installation art that integrate her memories and sentiments toward the family-owned Tunghai Hospital, where she was born and dwelled after the 1999 Jiji earthquake, as well as her love toward the Hakka communities in Dongshi since 2002. Hsu turned the Tunghai Hospital, which is no longer in operation, into an art studio, and has curated several exhibitions to share stories and memories of local people with the hospital through installation art.

Artist timeline:
2002 – 2003: Solo exhibition on installation art at the Tunghai Hospital1999: Young Designers' Exhibition at the Taipei World Trade Center

1997: Exhibition upon invitation by French city of Saint-Emilion

1996: Group working at Tamshui Zhuwei Studio