The old ladies from Bazi community

In 1998, twelve old ladies living in Bazi (拔仔) community (today’s Fuyuan region) in Taiwan’s eastern country of Hualien started learning painting from community builder and artist Lin Hsin-hua (
林興華), who returned to his hometown Hualien at the age of 30 and established an art studio to offer free painting classes for local seniors.

Though the old ladies were a bit hesitate at the beginning, the art studio gradually became a place where they social and share stories in addition to learning painting. They also explored how to incorporate different materials in paintings to tell their childhood memories, stories, and nostalgia through art.

Lin noted that the “old ladies who can paint” has become a local feature of Bazi community. Though the old ladies had been through difficulties in life, their paintings, which often portray the village landscapes and children, show their passion toward life and that they are still young at heart. Their works had been featured at several domestic exhibitions that all opened to positive feedback.

In addition to exhibition, Lin has also published a collection of their paintings, and plan to teach them dance and perform in the future to make their lives more vibrant.  

The twelve old ladies

Zhong Feng-ying (鍾鳳英)
Lin Yin-mei (
Chen Lin-yu (
Chen Feng-mei (
Yu Xiu-lan (
Wu Rui-jiao (
Lin Yun-lan (
Huang Yue-qin (
Wang Ai-you (
Gu Xiu-feng (
Lin Gui-xiang (
Xie Teng-mei (