Dongshi District, Taichung

Dongshi District is a municipal district of Taichung City locating in the eastern part of central Taiwan. Most of the residents here are Hakka, and the spoken language is mainly Dabu dialect of Hakka. Influenced by climate and topography, Dongshi District is suitable for planting agricultural products, making it the fruit town of Taichung. It has an abundance of water and produces fruit throughout the year. The important specialty products produced here are pears, citrus tankan, Kyoho grapes, sweet persimmon, and cabbage.



Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park |東勢客家文化園區

The Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park was rebuilt from the Dongshi Old Railway Station. It shows the unique characteristics of Hakka culture and is connected with the Dongfeng Bicycle Trail. It has become one of the featured spots along the Green Corridor. The Hakka Cultural Park, which has been renovated from the waiting hall of the old train station, has an architectural style that reflects Hakka culture. The museum houses Hakka cultural relics and occasionally holds exhibitions. The park also plans Hakka-related exhibitions under the themes of food, clothing, accommodation, transportation, education, music and cultural relics, as well as introducing Hakka industries, language and unique aspects of its humanity.

Behind the cultural park is the Dongfeng Green Corridor bicycle path. The green landscape blankets the Green Corridor, offering views of mountains in the distance and the wide green space. At the same time, the cultural park also commemorates and displays Hakka culture, allowing visitors to experience the wisdom of the Hakka people.



Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway |東豐自行車綠廊
Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway
© Tourism Bureau (Photo credit: Wu Chi-shue)

The Dongfeng Bicycle Greenway is the first bicycle path in the country that has been converted from an abandoned railway. It is also the only road where only bicycles are allowed and that is closed off to other traffic. It is 12 kilometers in length, from the starting point to the Dongshi Hakka Cultural Park. The scenery is bright and pleasant. Cyclists can see farm fields and tree-shaded stretches along the path, with no interference from vehicles. Cycling on this path allows one to fully enjoy the fun of pedaling. Beginning at the end of 2003, lighting was installed throughout the corridor, so that people can also enjoy the green corridor at night. It is the first night-time bicycle lane in all of Taiwan.


Camphor Story Experience Hall (Bao Dao Camphor Essence Co.) |寶島燻樟故事體驗館

Taiwan used to be a camphor kingdom. During the Japanese occupation period, it also exported a large amount of camphor products to Japan and the war theaters. In fact, Taiwan’s camphor industry has a brilliant history. For the elderly, high-quality camphor products are extremely effective must-have household items. They have many uses, such as helping people stay alert and breathe easier.

The family business Bao Dao Camphor Essence Co. (寶島燻樟實業社) has been operating the camphor business in Dongshi for more than 100 years. During the Hakka Tung Blossom season, its high-quality smoked oil and camphor oil products were selected as Hakka specialty products. It is hoped that such Hakka events will breathe new life into traditional camphor products and let consumers understand their advantages and practical value.