Kaohsiung - Liugui District

Laonong River © Tourism Bureau (Photo credit: Wu Zhu-xue)

Liugui District is located in northeastern Kaohsiung City. It is situated at the junction of the Central Mountain Range’s foothills and the Pingtung plain. It’s known as the Liugui mantle belt. The narrow north-south terrain has the Laonong River flowing through it. On the west side of Laonong River is the Liugui river bank. The entire town is under the scope of the Maolin National Scenic Area.

Baolai Hot Spring |寶來溫泉

© Tourism Bureau (Photo credit: Maolin National Scenic Area )

The Baolai Hot Spring Area is located along the western section of the Southern Cross-Island Highway, adjacent to the Bulao hot spring area. In the Japanese occupation era, it was called the Penglai Wonderland by Japanese officials for the region was originally a primary forest where cypress, camphor tree, and zelkova were planted. Penglai Wonderland became the origin of the place name for today's Baolai.

The hot springs in the Baolai Hot Spring Area are clear and transparent. It is a hot spring area formed by the geothermal elements. It belongs to the sodium bicarbonate type of spring and its water is rich in minerals. The pH value is about 7 and the spring water’s temperature is about 60 degrees Celsius. The color is transparent, clear, colorless and tasteless. It is said to have functions such as rejuvenating bones, beautifying skin, and maintaining the immune system. The water not only can be used for bathing, it can also be used for drinking; making this a good quality hot spring.


Bulao Hot Spring |不老溫泉

Bulao Hot Spring is located next to the Laonong River. The spring is a carbonated spring. When you come to the hot spring area, you can enjoy the fun of soaking in a hot spring pool and also engage in picnic activities in the barbecue area and camp ground on the riverside.

Liugui Butterfly Valley |六龜彩蝶谷

The Butterfly Valley is located in the Maolin National Scenic Area. The whole valley covers an area of more than 400 hectares and is divided into eleven valley areas. Among them, the eighth valley has the most distinctive features. The butterfly valley is surrounded by mountains, and the temperature year-round is stable. From March to May and October, it is the golden period for viewing butterflies.


Gourd Valley | 葫蘆谷

Located in the junction of Liugui District and Maolin District, the Hulu Valley is named after the gourd because of its shape. The environment here is quiet and pleasant. There’s an abundance of water in the summer, so the silver-white waterfall flows down in full form, and the scenery is quite beautiful. It is a good place for a weekend holiday.


Bamboo Forest Plum Garden |竹林梅園

Bamboo Forest Plum Garden is located in the hillside opposite the Baolai Hot Spring Area, separated by the Laonong River. Every year before and after the Spring Festival, the plum blossoms in the Baolai area of Liugui District are in full bloom. There are about 300 hectares of bamboo forest and plum garden, and the white plum blossom branches are very spectacular. Visitors can first arrange to enjoy hot spring bathing on their itinerary, and then come to see the plum blossoms. From Bamboo Forest Plum Garden overlooking the entire Baolai hot spring area, you can see the Laonong River, and if the weather is good, you can also see the main peak of Yushan (Jade Mountain).