Toufen’s Peng Feng Tea

Located in the northern part of Miaoli County, Toufen city is the city with the largest population in the county. The terrain consists of plains and hills. The climate is a subtropical monsoon climate. Local residents are mainly from the Hakka ethnic group (about 90% of the population). In recent years, due to the proximity of Zhunan Park in Hsinchu Science Park, the number of new residents has increased.

In the back garden of Toufen, Laoqi district, “green heart” oolong tea is planted. In the week before and after the lunar calendar’s “Mang Zhong” (May 12th), the tea tree shoots are sucked by the small green leaf cicadas, and the branches are shortened and bent, with the heart and tail covered in white. Farmers hand pick "One Heart and Two Leaves" and make "Peng Feng Tea" using traditional techniques. Once praised by the Queen of England as "Oriental Beauty," Peng Feng Tea is mainly grown in Xinglong, Liudong, and Shanhuli. Under the unique growth conditions of these areas, Peng Feng Tea is carefully cultivated by farmers. The color of tea is gorgeous, and the flavor is eternal. Each year, a Peng Feng Tea competition is held, and through the guidance of the local Agricultural Research and Extension Station, the tea has become a major feature of the town’s agricultural products.

The leaves of Peng Feng Tea are white, green, yellow, red and brown. The brewed tea is blush, orange and golden. It has amber bright and moist appearance, and the tea has a ripe fruit and honey fragrance. It is sweet and mellow, smooth and moist. What makes Peng Feng Tea precious is that pesticides cannot be sprayed during the cultivation period. The tea leaves must be bitten by the small green leaf cicadas to make special changes in the tea elements. The tea buds are large and the leaves are small and thick. Therefore, the tea farmers adopt an organic planting method. Each year during the Peng Feng Tea evaluation competition, Toufen’s Peng Feng Tea earns a very high evaluation.


Teng Kuo Chuan Tea Garden |鄧國權茶園

In Taiwan, Teng Kuo Chuan Tea Garden is one of the tea farmers most capable of bringing the characteristics of Oriental Beauty Tea to its most vivid form. Since the National Oriental Beauty Tea Competition was first held in 2011, Teng Kuo Chuan Tea Garden has already won three championships, setting a record for three consecutive victories. Since the age of 14, Teng Kuo Chuan has been involved with tea production and tea making, and he has been inseparable from tea for the past half a century.

In 2002, his children encouraged him to develop his own brand, so Teng Kuo Chuan actively cooperated with the tea farms of Toufen Town in Miaoli County and the Council of Agriculture’s Agricultural Research and Extension Station to create the best flavor of Oriental Beauty Tea and try to preserve the clean and natural environment for growing the tea. He has moved towards a more professional business route, and has now leapt to become a tea farmer who has planted an area that is equivalent to ​​more than ten “jia” land of tea farms (equivalent to 9.6 hectares).