Seaside Hakka Settlement in Taoyuan

The Hakka settlements in the coastal areas of Taoyuan are located in the areas of Dayuan, Guanyin and Xinwu. The Yongan Fishing Harbor in Xinwu District is the only Hakka fishing port in the country. Since Taoyuan was upgraded to a municipality, the Taoyuan Municipal Government has invested a lot of resources to build the seaside town into an image of a traditional Hakka village.

Yongan Fishing Harbor © Tourism Bureau (Photo credit: Taoyuan City Government)

The Taoyuan City Government divides the Hakka communities into “near mountain,” “city” and “seaside” areas. Among these, Taoyuan City’s Dayuan, Guanyin and Xinwu districts are classified as important Hakka seaside settlements. This area is agriculture-based. Products grown here include Hsin Hsiang Rice (aka Taoyuan No. 3 or “new fragrant rice”) grown in the Xinwu area, He Tian Rice in the Guanyin area, and Da He Rice grown in the Dayuan district.

Zhuwei Fishing Port © Tourism Bureau (Photo credit: Taoyuan City Government)

Nearby there are also the Hakka Yongan Fishing Harbor and Zhuwei Fishing Port. These ports are being developed into recreational, sightseeing fishing ports as they have advantages that make them suitable for developing Hakka tourism. In recent years, the Taoyuan Municipal Government has invested resources to build Xinwu’s city center and Yongan Fishing Harbor into a dual core centers for exploring seaside Hakka communities, hoping to enhance the local economy.

In 2016, in order to promote seaside Hakka communities’ cuisine, the Taoyuan Municipal Government actively assisted Taoyuan City's coastal restaurant operators to use local and Hakka ingredients to develop new Hakka seaside dishes and obtain certification. The goal is mainly to combine Taoyuan’s tourism fishing markets with the tourism resources of Hakka seaside communities and Hakka festival activities to develop the characteristics of seaside Hakka tourism. The local government also gave certificates of excellence to stores designated “Taoyuan Seaside Hakka Good Shop” to carry out brand marketing in the local communities and to create a unique image for Hakka villages located by the coastal areas.

In the future, Taoyuan's Seaside Hakka Restaurants will be combined with local diverse culture and promoted overseas like Thai cuisine is. It satisfies the taste buds of different ethnic groups and brings new characteristics to Taoyuan’s Hakka cuisine, allowing everyone to experience seaside Hakka cuisine, which is different from the past.

Moreover, the Taoyuan City Government will combine seaside Hakka cuisine with leisure agricultural areas, including the Dayuan Xihai Leisure Agricultural Area, the Guanyin Lotus Garden Leisure Agricultural Area, and the Yong’an Leisure Agriculture Area, which is currently under planning. Through two fishing ports and three leisure agriculture areas, it will plan in-depth travel experiences, combining the scenic beauty with seaside Hakka food, to create the image of Taoyuan being the capital of seaside Hakka culture, and market Taoyuan Seaside Hakka Villages internationally.