Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Park

The Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Park, located in Longtan District, Taoyuan City in northern Taiwan was completed at the end of 2005 and officially opened to the public in 2008. In the early stage of construction, considering the lack of systematic collection and preservation of literature and music in various Hakka cultural parks, the Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Park was positioned as a "global Hakka Audio-Visual Center". The entire park combines cultural preservation, exhibition, education, leisure, entertainment and other multi-functional purposes. With Hakka literature and music as the main development theme of the hall, it perfectly preserves Hakka literature and music, and has turned the area into an important place for Hakka images and music for the Hakka community around the world.
Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Park

In addition to the special exhibition room, auditorium, and audiovisual briefing room, the cultural center also includes the Hakka Literature Hall, Hakka Music Hall, and Lai Bi-xia Memorial Room, which are unique to the Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Park.

The Hakka Literature Hall has exhibits on the lives, works and manuscripts of 59 Hakka writers, including Wu Zhuo-liu (吳濁流, 1900-1976) and Chung Chao-cheng (鍾肇政, 1925-2020). The Hakka Music Hall presents the lives and works of 47 Hakka musicians, including Deng Yu-xian (鄧雨賢), Wu Sheng-chih (吳盛智), and Tu Min-heng (涂敏恆), as well as the Hakka bayin and beiguan music instruments. The Lai Bi-xia Memorial Room, meanwhile, presents the writing notes and manuscripts of the late Hakka folk song diva Lai Bi-xia (賴碧霞).
The Hakka Literature Hall

The Hakka Music Hall

The Taoyuan Hakka Cultural Park is not only a venue for the promotion of local Hakka culture, but also an important entrance to the "Hakka Cultural Life Experience Zone" in Taoyuan. This center, which connects the performance space, the local creative industry and Hakka cultural tourism resources, aims to let visitors experience the new model of "participatory museum" and deeply feel the charm of Hakka culture.

The culture center is also close to many tourist attractions, such as Longtan Lake or Shimen Reservoir near the urban area. It also links the recently emerging Hakka settlements of Sankengzi Old Street (三坑子老街), Daping Red Bridge (大平紅橋), and Qingshuikeng Bicycle Trail (清水坑自行車環鄉步道). Many Hakka festivals celebrated by nearby communities are held here every year, such as the "Hakka Culture Festival" and "Hakka Tung Blossom Festival". In addition, there are dense Hakka settlements and large numbers of people in this area, which makes local Hakka groups’ promotion activities very popular.