Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall

Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall

Chinese name
: 詔安客家文化館

Located at: Yunlin County (Southern Taiwan)

Year of Establishment: 2012

Address:  28-8 Minsheng Rd., Lunbei Township, Yunlin County

Lunbei Township, Erlun Township and Xiluo Township of Yunlin County are the areas in Taiwan with the largest population of “Zhao’an Hakka” people. In order for the history, culture and the language of Zhao’an Hakka people to be passed on from one generation to the next, the Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall was established so the local communities can jointly preserve Hakka cultural relics and promote Zhao’an Hakka culture.  To achieve those purposes, the cultural hall has hosted Hakka culture-related activities based on community-building values to deepen cultural heritage building by using the Hakka language to teach children, training volunteers, and organizing Hakka academic seminars and practical workshops, all in the hopes of reinvigorating Zhao’an Hakka culture.

In order to pass on the Zhao’an Hakka culture to future generations, the Hakka Affairs Council starting in 2006 successively subsidized the construction of the Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall. Through the cooperation between the government, local authorities and community organizations, as well as the hard work of civic groups, the concept of preserving the spirit of Zhao’an Hakka culture has not just been implemented but also carried forward.

Designed by Kuo Jun-pei Architectural Firm, the Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall is the only Hakka building in the country on the theme of Zhao’an Hakka people. It covers an area of ​​0.8 hectares. Construction began in 2011 and was completed in six years, costing nearly NT$100 million. The open-air atrium design and the L-shaped wooden corridor are the characteristics of the building. The inner square shape and outer round design symbolize Hakka people's strict self-discipline and open-mindedness and generosity towards others.

The interior of Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall

(Photo credit: Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall)

Besides exhibiting cultural relics outside and inside, the Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall shows itself to be in harmony with the surrounding space, including the neighboring parks and the towns and villages of Lunbei, Erlun and Xiluo, to form a modern-day Hakka settlement community. Through the concept of community building, it conducts resource surveys in various Hakka settlements and on-the-spot investigations. By emphasizing the importance of experiencing the culture, it also helps people learn about Zhao’an Hakka culture, thereby deepening the impression Zhao’an Hakka culture leaves on people. In addition, it is an attempt to reconstruct the main body of Zhao’an Hakka culture to enhance the ethnic group’s sense of self-identity.

The indoor space of the Zhao’an Hakka Cultural Hall has two floors. There is a parking lot and outdoor plaza outside. In terms of the use of space, normal activities are held on the first floor; the second floor is for specific activities, and dynamic activities are staged  in the atrium and outdoor plaza. The Zhao’an Hakka Culture Hall takes up the mission of promoting cultural exchanges between Zhao’an Hakka and other cultures, and connecting the Hakka culture of northern Taiwan with that of the south. It promotes the culture of Taiwan's Zhao’an Hakka people and, through planning, establishes its cultural image by  shouldering the responsibility of being a multifunctional platform for promoting Zhao’an Hakka culture in Yunlin County. In recent years, it has become a new spotlight in the Yunlin area and is a good place for people to enjoy sightseeing while learning about Zhao’an Hakka culture at the same time.