Taiwan Hakka Museum

Taiwan Hakka Museum

Chinese name

Located at: Miaoli County (Northern Taiwan)

Year of Establishment: 2012

English Address:  6 Tongke S. Rd., Jiuhu Village, Tongluo Township, Miaoli County

Located in Miaoli’s Tungluo Science Park, Taiwan Hakka Museum officially opened to the public on May 12, 2012. The museum serves as a global Hakka center for cultural exchange and industrial research, aiming to preserve Hakka culture, develop industries, and boost tourism.

aerial view of Taiwan Hakka Museum

The museum occupying 11.2 hectares is set on a gentle hill. In addition to the building itself, which becomes part of the natural landscape, the design of the museum encompasses outdoor spaces, exhibition halls, and affiliated facilities. It received green building certification for the eco-friendly and energy-saving construction. The museum represents the spirit of Hakka immigrants who respected the ecological environment, showing the harmonious relationship between humans and nature.

outside of Taiwan Hakka Museum

Outdoor spaces include Hakka Hospitality Garden (好客公園) and Half Moon Pond (半月池). The garden has a wide variety of tree species, which are common in traditional Hakka villages. It is covered by the canopy of tung trees (油桐樹), Taiwan acacia (相思樹), bead trees (苦楝樹), Formosan gum (楓香樹), and Formosan ash (光蠟樹). Every spring, numerous visitors are attracted to the garden for viewing tung blossoms. This place which provides ecological diversity is also a suitable habitat for wildlife. A trail stretching for 2 kilometers complements the garden for hikers to immerse themselves into the natural glamor. 

tung blossoms near Taiwan Hakka Museum

Half Moon Pond is a distinctive landmark of the museum. Inspired by the namesake pond that is usually in front of the traditional Hakka residential building, the mirror-like pond reflects not only the architectural structure of the museum but also the breathtaking image of scenic beauty.

The stage of the outdoor plaza is a space for Hakka music concerts, dance, and theatrical performances. Through performing arts, audience can become more familiar with Hakka culture. Along the path behind the open-air stage, visitors can walk to the site of Half Moon Pond and ascend to an observatory that overlooks a landscape of Hakka settlements in Tungluo.

Inside the museum, there are exhibition halls, galleries, a library, an international conference hall, and a multimedia theater. The halls house collections of Hakka cultural objects and temporary exhibitions. For instance, the Permanent Exhibition Hall presents relics of general Taiwan Hakka history which can be traced back to the 17th and 18th century. The Hakka Contribution Hall exclusively showcases achievements of winners of the Hakka Contribution Awards.

interior of Taiwan Hakka Museum

The library provides invaluable documents about Hakka history for the research of historians and scholars. The conference hall is a venue for cultural exchange meetings where Hakka value can be shared with other ethnic groups from all over the world. In the multimedia theater, audiences can watch interesting Hakka animated films popular with kids and teenagers.

Different from old-fashioned ways to display exhibits, the museum presents Hakka legacies multi-dimensionally through interactive exhibitions, performances, and participatory activities, showing a microcosm of Hakka society and the richness of Hakka culture.