Red yeast pork buns, plum-flavored tomato sour cocktail drink and perilla pumpkin cake

Red yeast pork buns, plum-flavored tomato sour cocktail drink and perilla pumpkin cake

Creative concept

This Hakka meal consists of a bun made with red yeast coupled with the classic Hakka salted pork, making it a different kind of Chinese-style hamburger. This meal also uses locally grown pumpkins to make a Chinese dim sum. It looks delightful and is sweet, but not greasy. Lastly, the plum juice sour cocktail is a refreshing drink, giving this meal a perfect ending. These three different flavors give taste buds a rich experience.


Flour: 300g

Salted pork: 1 strip

Garlic: 1 clove

Chili pepper: 1

Glutinous rice flour: 1 cup

Pumpkin: 1

Red bean paste: 100g

Perilla plum: 1 can

Tomato: 2

Raisins: 3

Perilla leaf: 5 pieces

Green rolled lettuce: 3 leafs

Red yeast: 3 spoons

Sugar: 3 spoons

Fructose: 30 ml

Plum powder: 2 spoons

Yeast: 1 spoon

Baking powder 2 spoons

Cooking method:

1. Salted pork bun: Add yeast, baking powder and water to the flour to form a dough. After using an electric cooker to accelerate the fermentation, use a bowl to cover the dough to form it into a round shape. Then stretch it to make it into two even-sized half buns, steam for 10 to 15 minutes and stuff the sliced salted pork, chopped garlic and chilli pepper flakes into the middle of the bun.

2. Perilla pumpkin cake: Mix the glutinous rice flour with the steamed pumpkin puree (add sugar to increase sweetness) and make it into a dough. Remove the seeds from the perilla plum, smear red bean paste on the outside and then wrap it with pumpkin dough. Place the mixture in a porcelain soup spoon and then use a knife to press the top. Garnish with raisins, steam for 10 to 15 minutes, and finally decorate with perilla leaves.

3. Plum juice sour cocktail drink: Put tomato, fructose, plum powder and ice cubes into a juice machine and blend the ingredients. Then use a piece of green roll lettuce to decorate the drink.