Boosting tourism with new aesthetics and innovative food

With the transformation of more Hakka villages into tourist attractions in recent years, more consumers are attracted to visit Hakka villages. In response to greater demand for improved spatial design and authentic atmosphere, restaurant operators are beginning to work on creating a sense of Hakka aesthetics and bring added value to Hakka tourism and recreation.

After the successful promotion of pestle tea in Beipu, many operators have emphasized local tradition and nostalgia in their  interior décor, incorporating elements such as skylights, courtyards, and old-fashioned furniture. Hakka food and fine earthenware also showcase Hakka aesthetics and create substantial revenue for local industries. Nanzhuang, located in Miaoli, is one such success story. Like other Hakka villages, the township has been blessed with beautiful surroundings. In recent years, Nanzhuang introduced villa-style coffee houses that have become wildly popular, resulting in around 50 coffee operators in the area.    



Neiwan, which is another Taiwan’s Hakka tourist destination, is famous for incorporating wild ginger flower into Zongzi (glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in bamboo leave).The unique flavor of such Zongzi has brought unlimited business opportunities to Neiwan. Another kind of Zongzi that is small in size can be also found in the nearby Beipu Township. The one-bite  Zongzi was developed and is considered an improvement over the traditional Zongzi for its small size.

With the call to boost cultural and creative industries in recent years, a sense of Hakka aesthetics has gradually been realized with the revival of the art of tea in locations such as Hwataoyao (華陶窯) ceramic shop in Miaoli; Safulak Art Village (沙湖壢藝術村) in Baoshan Reservior, of Hsinchu; and Tung Lodge (油桐花坊) in Gongguan of Miaoli. While many Taiwanese long to visit other countries, believing that the grass is always greener on the other side, Taiwan Hakka villages are actually quietly collecting its cultural capital, waiting for visitors from Taiwan and abroad to visit and enjoy.