Let’s Learn Hakka (4)

Thank you!

There are different expressions of saying “thank you” in Taiwanese Hakka as the ethnic language has various accents. Those who speak sixian-accented Hakka usually say “恁仔細 (anˋ ziiˋ se)” to “thank you for being so (恁) thoughtful (仔細)” while “承蒙你 (shin mung ngi/siin mung ngi),” which means “to be indebted to you,” is often said in Hailu- or Raoping-accented Hakka. In the regions dominated by Dapu- and Zhao-an accented Hakka, people often use the phrase “勞瀝 (loˇ ladˋ/loˋ ladˋ)” to convey their thanks for your “efforts.”
'Thank you' in Hakka drama 'Gold Leaf''
(Image: PTS Taiwan)

Listen to various accents:
Sixian accent (四縣腔): anˋ ziiˋ se
Hailu accent (海陸腔): shin mung ngi
Dapu accent (大埔腔): loˇ ladˋ
Raoping accent (饒平腔): siin mung ngi
Zhao-an accent (詔安腔): loˋ ladˋ