Hakka e-learning Center

Hakka e-learning Center

To promote the Hakka language and create a diverse and technology-friendly learning environment, the Hakka Affairs Council established the Hakka e-learning Center for online learning. The website offers various kinds of online courses and educational multimedia resources for users to learn the Hakka language.  

  • Hakka language teaching 
    The Hakka language teaching section provides various courses such as the latest edition of “Basic Hakka Vocabulary for Hakka Language Proficiency Examination,” “Speaking Modern Hakka,” and “Hakka Language Fun” for users to learn about their level of Hakka language.  
  • Hakka literature
    Hakka speaking is a well-developed language that can be used for illustrating various objects and themes. The section offers lessons taught by professors and professionals for users to learn about Hakka culture through Hakka slangs, nursery rhymes, and poems.

  • Children’s Hakka
    The section provides interactive lessons such as “Hakka Poetry Writing” and “Hakka Children’s Games” to enhance children’s motivation in learning and speaking Hakka language.


  • Hakka music 
    The section offers a wide range of lessons spanning traditional, contemporary, and innovative Hakka music to offer insights into the development of Hakka music. 

  • Hakka folk culture and history
    The section allows users to gain a deeper understanding about Hakka culture through theme lessons on Hakka architecture and Hakka villages such as “Lanyang Hakka Landscape” and “Shrine Number and Couplet of Traditional Hakka Architecture.”

  • Hakka innovative industry
    The section offers lessons on innovative application of Hakka culture such as “Innovative Design and Application of Blue Cloth and Floral Fabric,” “Discover and Explore Innovative Hakka Food,” and “Recreate Hakka Community through Cultural and Creative Industry” to inspire users to develop new ideas.


  • Collaborative courses
    To pass on Hakka culture, Hakka language courses have gradually become part of the general education in colleges and universities. The section offers Hakka courses that are designed and produced by university to enhance students’ understanding of Hakka culture and language.


  • Multimedia
    The section provides good quality Hakka TV series and programs for all ages, such as “Hakka Encore (客家安可)” and “Olympic Hakka (奧林P).”