Universities and Colleges Establishing Hakka Courses

To incentivize universities and colleges to establish Hakka courses, add channels for the study of Hakka culture and spur motivation for learning Hakka language, to raise the multicultural literacy of university and college students, and correctly understand the language and culture of the Hakka ethnic group to bring about multicultural co-prosperity, the Council through the Hakka Knowledge System Development Program offers a subsidy plan for universities and colleges to establish Hakka courses.

Promotion Results:
The Hakka Knowledge System Subsidy Program, in addition to subsidizing universities and colleges to promote the establishment of Hakka colleges, departments or research centers, undertaking surveys, research and preservation work related to Hakka studies, also provides resources to assist universities and colleges to establish Hakka general education courses, and incentivizes multifaceted applied courses that have “local” Hakka cultural characteristics such as creative design, industrial R&D and media communication. Every year on average over 20 schools with close to 30 courses are subsidized, effectively integrating the resources of major domestic universities and colleges to establish a complete Hakka knowledge system, advance the development of Hakka academic research and cultivate talent for the Hakka knowledge system.