Preserving traces of time

Reconstruction of Zhongxiao Hall and two other buildings

  Zhongxiao Hall is the center building of the settlement. Xihe Shidi Archway is the spiritual symbol of Xinwawu. Two mud brick houses in the settlement are over a hundred years. After the inhabitants moved out, they began to deteriorate and were likely to collapse after a few typhoons and invasions of bugs and termites. The archway had been damaged by motor vehicle traffic. To rescue these buildings so that people could actually see the history and life traces of the settlement, this project was implemented to conduct planning and design for the reconstruction and its supervision.

  Considering the objects reconstruction were not cultural or historic monuments and the surrounding land had been reclassified for Hakka Culture Conservation, the reconstruction project was therefore not directed toward “restoration” but presentation of settlement life traces so that the engineering could reflect the connotation of Hakka Culture Conservation.