Return Xinwawu its simple appearance

Settlement cleanup project

  When the last group of residents moved out on Sep.30 2004, discarded furniture and trash stayed. Time froze, yet disappearing window frames, kickboards and lockless doors began to utter the emptiness, deterioration and dilapidation of Xinwawu. Without the people, it had no life. Weeds around the settlement grew to a person’s height.

  For the value and characteristics of Xinwawu to be understood, it had to be made accessible first. Only when people could and were willing to go in there, would Xinwawu then be brought back to life.

  Therefore, we paid for the labor and necessary materials and worked with the original inhabitants to clean up the environment. We hoped to shape a community consensus through these people and the process of turning the settlement into a public space to achieve positive community participation.

  It took the joint effort of three generations from the original residents to accomplish the cleanup operation in four weeks. 150 person/times were used to clear all the discarded objects inside the thirty odd buildings and remove the dirt, rocks and crumpled walls. The people contributed ideas and made high-pressure water spraying guns using water containers, pumps, pressurizers and long hoses to wash every wall and every windowsill. The weeds and garbage piling along the walkways inside the settlement and the rundown carports were also eliminated. The endeavor gave the original simple appearance back to the settlement.