Hakka Cultural Facilities

Up to the end of 2005, the Council for Hakka Affairs has subsidized local governments in 14 cultural facility construction projects, 4 historic monuments renovation projects, and 4 planning and design projects for cultural facilities.

A. Cultural facilities at the county and city level:

  • •  Taipei County Hakka Cultural Park
  • •  Taoyuan County Hakka Culture Hall

B. Cultural facilities at the town and township level:

  • •  Yingge Town Hakka Mountain Song Hall (Planning and Design) in Taipei County
  • •  Hsinwu Township Hakka Culture Library in Taoyuan County
  • •  Hsinchu County History Museum
  • •  Hengshan Township Dashanpei Hakka Cultural Ecology Hall in Hsinchu County
  • •  Deng Yuhsien Memorial Hall (Planning and Design)

C. Falicity renovations:

  • •  Hsinwu Township Farmers' Association Warehouse
  • •  Peipu Jiang Families' Shrine
  • •  Hsiao Rusong Art Park – Stage 2
  • •  Chupei Lin Family Shrine in Hsinchu County
  • •  Sanyi Township Hakka Academy in Miaoli
  • •  Shigan Township Tuniou Hakka Culture Hall in Taichung County
  • •  Changhua County Traditional Hakka Culture Study Park
  • •  Lunpei Township Chaoan Hakka Culture Hall (Planning and Design) in Yunlin County
  • •  Hsilou Township Culture Hall in Jiayi County
  • •  Tainan City Hakka Culture Hall (Planning and Design)
  • •  Tainan County Hakka Culture Hall
  • •  Hualien County Hakka Folk Culture Hall
  • •  Hualien County Fonglin Town Hakka Cultural Museum
  • •  Hualien County Yuli Town Hakka Culture Hall
  • •  Taitung Hakka Cultural Park

Hakka Cultural Facilities