Exciting Performances, Scavenger Hunts and Colorful Flowers: Lively Lunar New Year Celebrations at Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park

The Lunar New Year is the first of all traditional festivities. The Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park of the Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center (THCDC) planned the 2024 Liugdui Lunar New Year Blessings event series to enable more people to experience Hakka customs these holidays. Comprised of 9 major events, everyone is invited to visit the Park and enjoy the exhilarating and vibrant Hakka Lunar New Year.

Deputy Minister Chou Chiang-chieh of the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) said that the Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park strives to help people better understand Hakka people, mountain indigenous peoples, and plains indigenous peoples that call the Liugdui region their home. Other than family-friendly cultural and artistic activities, as well as the Imaginary Taiwan—Evolving Taiwanese exhibition held in collaboration with the National Palace Museum, it is organizing qimˇ samˊ—Dialogue Exhibition of Hakka-Indigenous Textile Designs, featuring distinctive textiles and designs of the Paiwan, Drekay, Makatao, Taivoan, and other peoples, with the vibrant designs resulting from interactions and exchanges.

THCDC Director Ho Chin-liang stated that the Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park is implementing a series of Lunar New Year activities themed on the Year of the Dragon. From today onwards, the Park’s Visitor Center is giving away limited-edition red envelopes to people who complete certain quests. There are also scheduled artistic and cultural shows, including tshia-kóo-tīn musical acrobatics, husband-carrying-wife dances, juggling, dragon and lion dances, and performances by music ensembles, dance groups, and up-and-coming singer-songwriters. In addition, lucky bags are available for sale every day and you can try your luck at the Yuanbao Poking Lottery. Don’t miss on the many Hakka village DIY activities for floral arrangements on flat dishes, colorful dragon heads, and lamˇsamˊ hanging ornaments, as well as fortune cake and Hakka rice food cooking experiences! You can also create your hand-printed spring couplets and learn some Hakka! Seeing that Valentine’s Day falls on the 5th day of the Lunar New Year, the Park is also holding a Valentine’s Day activity—Roses for the Pretty—at 13:14 that day. 

Moreover, to celebrate the Tourism Spotlight Award given to the Liugdui Autumn Harvest Festival by the Tourism Administration, Ministry of Transportation and Communications, THCDC is giving away even more prizes for taking photos and checking in at the event Exploring Hakka Villages in Lunar New Year. It’ll be our pleasure to have you over for the holidays. For more information, visit the Liugdui Hakka Cultural Park official website and fanpage.