2023 Hakka Expo: Presidential Office Special Exhibition Opens on Jan. 16 Don't Miss the Chance to See the Exhibition!

The 2023 Hakka Expo will take place in Taoyuan from August 11 to October 15. The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) and Taoyuan City Government jointly organized the 2023 Hakka Expo: Presidential Office Special Exhibition at the exhibition rooms IX and X of the Presidential Office Building from January 16 to October 15 to give the Taiwanese public and foreign visitors an advance look at the diversity of the Hakka ethnicity.

The special exhibition centers on the concept "Hakka Taiwan - Hakka World" and is divided into three sections: "Taiwan from Hakka Eyes", "The World from Taiwan's Eyes", and "The Heart of Hakka Culture". "Taiwan from Hakka Eyes" offers a glimpse into a variety of elements of Hakka culture, from traditional opera and folk music to literature and social movements, demonstrating the great contributions the Hakka people have made to Taiwanese society across different eras. It also puts into perspective the "rootedness and co-prosperity" of the Taiwanese Hakka community.

"The World from Taiwan's Eyes" introduces different Hakka associations and guilds founded by Hakka people in more than 80 countries around the world, spanning all 5 continents. It narrates their interactions with local society and the ways they've retained their own culture upon migration, resulting in "localness and diversity". Furthermore, there is a portion dedicated to 5 iconic world leaders of Hakka ethnicity, recounting their contribution to the founding of different nations, so that visitors may gain a wider, more global perspective.

Finally, "The Heart of Hakka Culture" deals with the "futurism" of the Hakka people, expressing Taiwan's hope to become the core homeland of Hakka people across the world by building social cohesion. Visitors can also watch the promotional videos of the Hakka Expo in this section, building excitement for the core event held in Taoyuan City.

Audio tours are available via QR Code in each section. Visitors only need to scan the code with their phones and enter the corresponding keyword to experience the exhibition in any order at their own pace.

The exhibition is free of charge and its opening hours are from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., Monday to Friday (visitors must enter the Presidential Office Building before 11:30 a.m. Additionally, people who are interested may visit the Office of the President website for opening hours during weekends and holidays.