Hakka Affairs Council 2023 Annual Press Conference Achievements of Hakka Policymaking x Localization x Popularization

The Hakka Affairs Council organized its 2023 Annual Press Conference at the No. 1 Food Theater on January 11. Minister Yiong Con-ziin expressed how the Hakka ethnic mainstreaming policy implemented in recent years was formulated based on ideas proposed by President Tsai Ing-wen in the hopes of achieving true equality between ethnic groups through institutionalization. Cultural events organized by government institutions at all levels or private institutions are able to realize the ideas enshrined in the Universal Declaration on Cultural Diversity adopted by the General Conference of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) through their contents. Mother tongue programs hand in hand with community development can strengthen the cultural participation and artistic talent of locals, as well as cement the cultural bedrock of a nation.

Minister Yiong stated how Hakka ethnic mainstreaming consists of three dimensions: policy-making, localization, and Hakka intervention. Firstly, policy-making is manifested in the National Hakka Development Plan that outlines how to build a national Hakka taskforce to ensure that there is a Hakka sensibility to every government action; the Executive Yuan's Hakka Village 369 Governance Platform, a strategy for integrating relevant resources and carrying out cross-regional governance to revitalize Hakka communities; and campaigns like Homage to the Indigenous Peoples from the Hakka that aim to establish positive interactions between ethnic groups and drive sustainable development to increase cooperation and exchange between indigenous peoples and the Hakka.

Secondly, localization takes place via the effectiveness evaluation of promotion of Hakka as a common language, which leverages local resources to keep the Hakka language alive and build an immersive environment to speak Hakka; the audio database of Hakka language that serves as a foundation for digitization; the current 17 Hakka village itineraries for people to visit Hakka settlements and come closer to the Hakka people; and participatory cultural events where attendants can discover the stories behind Hakka settlements and deepen their sense of belonging with the land.

Finally, in terms of Hakka intervention, some examples are the first Global Hakka Pop Music Competition, in which 144 talented Hakka musical performers from Taiwan, Malaysia, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Germany, and China enrolled; Gold Leaf, the hit period drama that naturally brought the Hakka language into the mainstream market: it garnered 16 nominations at the 57th Golden Bell Awards; and the popular video in Hakka language titled "Finding One's Own Voice"—released on December 28, National Hakka Day, it encouraged everyone to speak Hakka—and the short clip series named "Hakka Heroes", which to date has received 9 million views on YouTube and Facebook.