Vaccination center set up by Hakka social center of Brazil marks successful completion of phased mission

An emergency assistance volunteer team of the overseas community in Brazil applied to health authorities to set up a vaccination station for local members of the overseas community. On September 13, 2021, the volunteers finished their six-month service to the overseas community, completing their phased mission. Close to 400 overseas compatriots came to be vaccinated and over half a year the station was a great help to the overseas community in tackling the pandemic.
An emergency assistance volunteer team of the overseas community in Brazil
(Photo: OCAC)

The leader of the volunteer team, Eiko Chih (支黃秀莉), said the Sao Paulo city government’s work to promote vaccination during the pandemic achieved a universal vaccination rate, so the numbers of cases and deaths in Brazil have gradually come down. She thanked the health authorities for their compassionate support; the police for the additional patrols during this time to protect the safety of citizens in the area; the committee of the Hakka Social Center of Brazil for its support, as well as community leaders from all walks of life and good friends for their warm messages and occasional gifts of delicious snacks to keep up the morale of the volunteers. She said the team members had to undergo personal risk of infection, to observe strict and rigorous prevention measures and regulations, and maintain good order in working with the group in order to complete their mission. The Medical Assistance Helpline remains in service but they hope that it won’t be ringing again and that folks can all stay safe and well.

The director of the Hakka Social Center of Brazil, Chang Yung-his (張永西), said he was very happy that the center could do its part during the pandemic and gratified to have witnessed countless instances at the center of charitable activities filled with positive energy.

Having always showing her concern for the volunteer team, Liu Hsueh-lin (劉學琳), honorary president of the World Taiwanese Chambers of Commerce, said that during the pandemic time that has stretched out for a year and a half, the members of the volunteer team have never complained, and that in addition to resolving problems for the community, they have also played an active role in giving relief to poor families in Brazil, spreading the spirit of charity to Brazilian society.

The volunteers who took part in the emergency assistance efforts all agree that they are grateful to have been able to do their best when the pandemic was severe. Every time that they were able to help others in their time of difficulty, they felt immense joy and a deeper understanding of life’s purpose. Though the pandemic has brought great harm and impact to the world, yet in the midst of the helplessness and grief they also witnessed tremendous positive energy as a result of coming together. In the end they wish to share encouragement with everyone and ask that until the pandemic is over everyone will continue to carry out prevention measures, take care of their families, cherish what they possess and greet each day with an optimistic and enterprising attitude.