HAC Minister promotes Hakka drama ‘Gold Leaf’ in Hsinchu

A promotional event for the Hakka drama series “Gold Leaf (茶金)”—a co-production between Taiwan Public Television Service Foundation (PTS) and the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC)—was held on Nov. 27 at Hsinchu’s Beipu Citian Temple (北埔慈天宮) that is next to Chiang A-Hsin Mansion (姜阿新洋樓), where the drama crew shot scenes for the story.
HAC Minister promotes Hakka drama ‘Gold Leaf’ in Hsinchu

Apart from HAC Minister Yiong Con-ziin, other government officials attended the event, including Minister of Culture Lee Yung-te (李永得), Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke (楊文科), Hsinchu City Mayor Lin Chih-chien (林智堅), law makers Lin Wei-chou (林為洲), Lin Szu-ming (林思銘), and Ker Chien-ming (柯建銘), Beipu Township Mayor Chuang Ming-tseng (莊明增).  
In addition, PTS Chairperson Tchen Yu-chiou (陳郁秀), PTS General Manager Hsu Chiu-hua (徐秋華), and Hakka TV Station Director Chang Chuang-mou (張壯謀) as well as representatives of the French Office in Taipei were also in attendance.

The TV series is based on the true events in the life of tea tycoon Chiang A-hsin (姜阿新) from Hsinchu’s Beipu Township. Chiang’s daughter Chiang Li-chih (姜麗芝) and son-in-law Liao Yun-pan (廖運潘) were especially invited to join in this event.

Furthermore, the drama’s producers Hsu Ching-yun (徐青雲), Tang Sheng-jung (湯昇榮), Lo I-li (羅亦娌), and Su Kuo-hsing (蘇國興), the main characters of this drama including Kuo Tzu-Chien (郭子乾), Lien Yu-han (連俞涵), and Hsu An-chih (許安植), were present.

HAC Minister Yiong said, it would be no exaggeration to say that “Gold Leaf,” which began airing since Nov. 13, is the best Taiwanese drama he has ever watched. As a Hakka who speaks the Hailu-accented Hakka language, it is difficult to hear this kind of accent on TV, Yiong said, believing that many Hakka people will be very happy and proud to watch the high-quality drama series presented mainly in the Hailu-accented Hakka language. 

The Minister thanked all the actors who devoted considerable efforts in order to speak perfect Hakka language in the TV series, recommending the drama to the public. He also suggested that people take a trip to Beipu with Quintuple Stimulus Vouchers or the Hakka e-voucher to explore Hakka culture and boost local economy.

PTS Chairperson Tchen said that “Gold Leaf” is the first drama ever to depict social and political phenomena through a family story in 1950s Taiwan. The historical drama offered a refined portrayal of trade negotiations through detailed examinations presented by exquisitely crafted props and costumes, Tchen said, hoping that everyone can become more familiar with the history of their own land and that the drama can be promoted on the international stage and recognized by the world.