Congratulations to Hakka Contribution Award recipients

Organized by the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC), the Hakka Contribution Awards ceremony took place at Miaoli’s Taiwan Hakka Museum on Oct. 27 with some 200 Hakka affairs promoters from all over the country taking part in the biennial event. 

The recipients of the 2021 award were Hsu Cheng-kuang (徐正光), Yang Guei-yun (楊貴運), Hsiao Hsin-huang (蕭新煌), Chang Fang-tzu (張芳慈), Huang Siou-man (黃秀滿), Chuang Chen Yueh-hsiu (莊陳月琇), Huang Hou-yuan (黃厚源), Rita Lin (林鈺婷), and Liao Yun-fan (廖運範).
The Hakka Contribution Awards ceremony took place at Miaoli’s Taiwan Hakka Museum

As the award presenter on this occasion, HAC Minister Yiong expressed his gratitude to the nine awardees for their great dedication and contribution to public affairs in the Hakka community. He hopes that, through this award, more and more people will be encouraged to revive Hakka culture and language. Thanks to the efforts made by these award winners in Hakka cultural promotion, Yiong expects that the government and the private sector will work together to make the Hakka community move forward and enrich Taiwan’s diverse culture.
HAC Minister Yiong Con-ziin delivered a speech at the event

In a pre-recorded video, Premier Su Tseng-chang (蘇貞昌) congratulated the awardees, saying that Taiwan is the world’s only country that has coherent Hakka policies. To demonstrate the respect for Hakka rights and signify Taiwan's new milestone in multiculturalism, Su approved the National Hakka Development Plan (國家客家發展計畫) this June with a broad vision and perspective to plan Hakka policies. The government will continue to promote Hakka culture and implement policies concerning the Hakka community, the Premier said, hoping that, with the concerted efforts, the development of Taiwan’s Hakka culture will get better and better.