Docuseries featuring Hakka craftsmanship selected for international film festival in USA

A Hakka Public Communication Foundation (HPCF) docuseries about Hakka craftsmanship has been selected for the Rome International Film Festival in the United States on Oct. 15, the foundation said.

According to HPCF, the selected short film is the eighth episode of the video series called “Legend,” telling the story of Hakka craftsman Hong Dong-han (洪東漢) who has been engaged in traditional letterpress printing for over 60 years, from the time he started his apprenticeship after he graduated from elementary school until he owned his small printing shop. The 78-year-old hopes his skills can be passed to the next generation.
Hakka craftsman Hong Dong-han

HPCF President Chen Bang-jen (陳邦畛) said that the nine-episode short series focuses on Taiwanese Hakka masters who have no successors, recording their exquisite craftsmanship through filming to enable people to pay more attention to Taiwan’s craft culture in Hakka villages and increase the interest of young people in learning Hakka crafts.

Chen is pleased that HPCF’s series can be recognized by international film festivals so that the world can see the beauty of Taiwan’s Hakka crafts and learn more about the country’s Hakka culture.
website image of the Rome International Film Festival

HPCF explained that the Rome International Film Festival is an iconic event in the city of Rome in northwestern Georgia, the USA. The selected films for the festival will be screened at local two theaters that have a long history. The film festival is regarded by Movie Maker magazine as one of the 20 film festivals worthy of a visit, and it is publicly acknowledged as an exhibition for innovative film production from all over the world.

HPCF noted that the very docuseries about Hakka master Hong Dong-han also has won the Eurasia International Monthly Film Festival of Russia for best short film in August.