HAC’s new project office formally established to boost development of Hakka villages across Taiwan

To promote and implement Hakka-related policies in Hakka settlements on Taiwan Romantic Route 3, in the Liudui region, and on the Provincial Highway 9, the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) has set up Hakka 369 Project Office (客庄369專案辦公室).  HAC Minister Yiong Con-ziin unveiled the plaque of the office at the kickoff event on April 30.

Minister Yiong Con-ziin unveiled the plaque of the Hakka 369 Project office

Minister Yiong said that, since it was established four years ago, the Taiwan Romantic Route 3 Project Office has gained many experiences that can be worthy of emulation for other Hakka project offices, including the Liudui Project Office and the Provincial Highway 9 Project Office, to launch the Hakka 369 program from the perspective of the overall governance in Hakka settlements across Taiwan.

Yiong explained that the Hakka 369 Project Office is aimed at promoting local communities’ culture, economy, and space development as well as the growth of the ethnic group, to boost the vitality of Hakka villages. He added that the office spares no efforts to build a cultural environment in Hakka settlements, focuses on the spatial planning and development in key areas of Hakka culture to improve the environment, and operates community economy for Hakka industrial development.

interview with Minister Yiong

The Minister also said that any construction of Hakka premises involves facility integration in the future, adding that, to achieve the cultural and economic goals, the office will propose a sound plan and seek suitable people and resources to build infrastructure. 

The promotion of the Hakka 369 project redirects the attention to local communities on the one hand, and on the other hand integrates hardware and software into firmware, Minister Yiong stressed. He expects that, through people’s concerted efforts, Hakka history could diversify Taiwan’s culture, that Hakka communities could bring strength to the civil society, and that local Hakka industries could work together to shape the community economy.

kickoff meeting at Hakka 369 Project office