Hakka Tung Blossom Festival starts now!

Hakka Tung Blossom Festival starts now

The Tung Blossom Festival is one of the most renowned Hakka celebrations in Taiwan. From April to May every year, Tung flowers usually reach full bloom in Hakka settlements, which are typically located in northern and central Taiwan’s mountainous areas.

Once raised as a profit crop, Tung trees (also known as Tung oil trees) were introduced from China during the era of Japanese rule. They survived and flourished in mountainous areas where Hakka people lived, and they were grown on a massive scale in Taiwan by local residents due to their commercial significance.

Although the fruits of Tung trees are inedible because of their toxic properties, they could be used to extract Tung oil as a kind of waterproof paint. For instance, Tung oil is used to make Meinong’s oil-paper umbrellas, which is an enduring Hakka craft. Moreover, the wood was utilized to make furniture, toothpicks, matchsticks, and much more. It was truly a remarkable crop that benefited Hakka villages all across Taiwan.

Hakkas owe their lives to the Tung tree despite the fact that Tung oil production is now on the decline. Some people in Hakka settlements still uphold their gratitude for the gifts given by nature. To keep the Hakka spirit alive, the Hakka Affairs Council has adopted the Tung blossom as a symbol of Hakka identity and vitality. Similar to the history of Tung trees being introduced to this island, Hakka immigrants overcame severe hardships and continue to thrive in Taiwan today.

From April to May, the stunning scene of snow-white Tung flowers usually covers Taiwanese mountaintops. This beautiful image attracts a great number of visitors every year, leading to the establishment of the Tung Blossom Festival in 2002.

Not merely a seasonal event, the Tung Blossom Festival also combines cultural and ecological tourism. During the festival, taking a trip to Hakka villages for blossom-viewing and sightseeing is definitely a must do. Furthermore, a series of concerts and performances complement the celebratory affair.

Detailed information about sightseeing locations and flowering forecasts for Tung blossoms across Taiwan can be found at tung.hakka.gov.tw.