World Hakka Exposition put off till 2023, new plan due in 3 months

The World Hakka Exposition, which was originally scheduled to be held from July to September in 2022, will be postponed until 2023, announced the Taoyuan City Government. During the interpellation session at the Legislative Yuan on March 15, Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Yiong Con-ziin said that HAC will convene a formal meeting with local government agencies this month and propose a new plan within three months.

Lawmaker Lu Ming-che (魯明哲) of the main opposition Kuomintang (KMT) party questioned whether the budget for the exposition needs to be modified as the event is postponed to 2023 and the newly constructed venue is required to be permanently preserved. It is estimated that global air travel won’t recover from the COVID-19 pandemic until 2024, said Lu, doubting if the 2023 event will attract as many international tourists as expected.

Legislator Chang Hung-lu (張宏陸) of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) said that it is good that the venue can be kept after the event is over. However, the plan for organizing the exposition must be realistic and feasible, added Chang.

KMT Lawmaker Wu I-ding (吳怡玎) pointed out that HACs numbers with regard to the planning of the event, including royalties, peripheral commodities, and exhibition booths, shall not be different from the ones given by the local government.

HAC Minister Yiong explained that the original site for the event was at the plaza in front of the Taoyuan Airport MRT’s A18 station, an easily accessible location perfect for the exposition’s good layout. However, the site is provisional since the expo venue might be relocated after the end of the event, Yiong said. The location of the exposition and the cost adjustment have not been decided yet, the Minister noted, saying that HAC will open up a discussion on the matter relating to World Hakka Exposition with the Taoyuan City Government.