Traditional Hakka music presented in Taiwan music festival

The 2020 Taiwan Hakka Music Festival is taking place in December. To raise the profile of traditional Hakka music, Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Yiong Con-ziin attended one of the activities—battles of Hakka bayin ensembles—in Hsinchu’s Hukou Township (湖口鄉) on Dec. 12.

Hakka bayin music is a longstanding musical art form that is rich in Hakka flavor, accompanying members of Hakka communities in their life rituals and ceremonies.

Emphasizing music is the greatest power to break the ethnic barriers, Yiong said that people with different cultural backgrounds can understand each other through music. “Today’s event is intended to invite more people to listen to the iconic Hakka music ‘bayin’ and experience its exceptional vitality,” Yiong said, adding that “even though the audience might not be familiar with the Hakka language, they can still feel the energy of music.”

The minister hopes that Hakka music may transcend cultural boundaries and enter the realm of mainstream culture through this annual festival.

Ten Hakka bayin ensembles were invited to join in the event, including Tien Wu Beiguan Bayin Troupe (田屋北管八音團), Zhutoubei Hakka Bayin Troupe (竹頭背客家八音團), Hecheng Hakka Bayin Musical Troupe (和成八音團), Jisheng Bayin Troupe (吉聲八音團), Hansheng Beiguan Bayin Troupe (漢聲北管八音團), Meinong Hakka Bayin Music (美濃客家八音團), Shen Jing Xin Xing Xuan Beiguan Bayin Troupe (深井新興軒北管八音團), Beipu Bayin Troupe (北埔八音團), Nei Li Tong Le Xuan Bayin Troupe (內立同樂軒), and Toufen Hakka Bayin Troupe (頭份客家八音團).