Pingtung Picnic Day kicks off at Hakka cultural park

The annual Pingtung Picnic Day took place at Liudui Hakka Cultural Park (六堆客家園區) on Nov. 7.  Apart from Taiwan Hakka Culture Development Center (THCDC), the event was co-organized by National Pingtung University, Meiho University, Hakka community associations from 12 townships/districts across the Liudui region, and owners of local enterprises.

To facilitate event-goers’ exploration of diverse Hakka culture and industries, hands-on activities, including making cocoa lip balms, pineapple jam, tea leaf eggs with golden-and-silver honeysuckle, Hakka mochi, indigo-dyed square scarves, gourd crafts, and lemon vinegar, were staged by 40 local community associations.

In addition, this year’s picnic was held in step with eco-activities. For instance, the Wugoushuei community association from Wanluan Township presented a glass terrarium which contained native aquatic plants, demonstrating the positive result of ecological rehabilitation and restoration in the Hakka village.

THCDC Director-General Ho Chin-liang (何金樑) said that, through this event, Liuduis Hakka settlements are connected with each other, working together to provide visitors with a chance to learn more about Hakka culture and building a collaborative relationship between local communities and Liudui Hakka Cultural Park.

Moreover, Ho added, the alliance of eight public sectors related to tourism management, including Pingtung County Government, THCDC, Indigenous Peoples Cultural Development Center, Kenting National Park Headquarters, National Museum of Marine Biology and Aquarium, Council of Agriculture's Forestry Bureau, Maolin National Scenic Area Administration, and Dapeng Bay National Scenic Area Administration, were also invited to showcase their integrated travel resources of southern Taiwan.

Thanking all event participants, President Weng Shun-hsiang (翁順祥) of Meiho University said that the university has partnered with THCDC to hold the picnic event since 2016 to enable the general public to support the local industries and boost economic development in the Hakka settlement.