Hakka nominees expected to shine at Taiwan’s golden awards

The Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) gave a tea party on Sept. 16 to honor the Hakka nominees of the 55th Golden Bell Awards for television production and radio broadcasting as well as the 31st Golden Melody Awards for pop music and traditional performing arts.

HAC Minister Yiong Con-ziin presented medals to the nominated musicians and media workers in recognition of their remarkable efforts, wishing them all the success by giving them a toast. He expected their exceptional works to continuously promote Hakka culture and become the pride of the Hakka community.

Yiong hoped that the domestic mainstream media will embrace different languages and cultures of varied ethnic groups with open-mindedness to give Hakka entertainers more opportunities to make contributions and diversify the world of mass media in Taiwan through their excellent creations.

As to Hakka Radio, which was nominated for four awards at the Golden Bell Awards, Hakka Public Communication Foundation (HPCF) President Chen Ban (陳板) noted that HPCF has been tasked with running the operations of Hakka Radio this year, revamping and rebranding radio programs that he hopes will resonate with the audience.

Thanking the award judges and the audience for their approval and support, Chen said that it is not easy for Hakka Radio to be put on the shortlist of the awards since it broadcasts primarily in the non-dominant language.

The Rom Shing Hakka Opera Troupe (榮興客家採茶劇團) was nominated for six awards at the 31st Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music while nominees for pop music include Misa (米莎), Liu Jung-chang (劉榮昌), Nyuszi Huang (黃珮舒), Huang Yu-han (黃宇寒), and Lin Sheng-xiang (林生祥) as well as the bands ZenKwun (神棍樂團) and ZiXuan & Slow Train (黃子軒與山平快).

Apart from Hakka Radio, Hakka TV was also nominated for eight awards at the Golden Bell Awards in the television production category.