Tricentennial celebration of Hakka settlements in southern Taiwan to be held next year

Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Yiong Con-ziin attended a conference on forming the organizing committee for celebrating Liudui’s 300th anniversary at Liudui Hakka Cultural Park in Pingtung County on Aug. 29.

Next year, 2021, will be the 300th anniversary of the establishment of Liudui’s Hakka settlements.  Liudui, literally six garrisons, refers to the six defense groups in what is now Pingtung and Kaohsiung that were established some 280 years ago.

A number of dignitaries were invited to participate in the conference, including Deputy Magistrate Wu Li-Hsueh (吳麗雪) of Pingtung County, Minister Chen Chih-yung (陳志勇) of Council for Hakka Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government, Professor Hsu Cheng-kuang (徐正光) of Academia Sinica, and President Chen Ban (陳板) of the Hakka Public Communication Foundation (HPCF).

Declaring the conference theme “Cultural Inheritance and Ethnic Harmony,” Yiong said that a series of celebratory activities will be held to remember our ancestors who strove to protect the motherland and thank them for leaving beautiful homeland to us. The celebration is not only to pay tribute to our forefathers but also to offer good prospect to our descendants, the minister added.  

A number of young people interested in Hakka culture joined in a 6-day camp on Aug. 24 to learn more about Hakka history, industries, and economy in the Liudui region. They will be recruited to help organize the festive event in 2021.

Through their participation, Yiong expects young people to sow the seeds of their ethnic heritage to spread Hakka culture far and wide.

Noting that Liudui forebears established the Hakka settlements on their own in southern Taiwan, Yiong said that local festivals to pass down the collective memory of this region are Taiwan’s priceless intangible cultural assets. He hopes that all Liudui people can consolidate their Hakka identity as they fully engage themselves in this grand event next year.