Filming of New Hakka period drama begins in Taipei

Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Yiong Con-ziin attended the press conference on a new Hakka historical period drama “Tea Gold (茶金)” in Taipei’s Dadaocheng District on Aug. 24, accompanied by Hsinchu County Magistrate Yang Wen-ke (楊文科) and Chairperson Tchen Yu-chiou (陳郁秀) of the Public Television Service Foundation (PTS).


To replicate the prosperous Hakka tea industry of Hsinchu’s Beipu region in the 1950s, HAC has collaborated with PTS to present the Hakka drama series, which will be the Taiwan’s first drama delivered in the Hailu-accented Hakka language.

HAC Minister Yiong stated that PTS has produced many TV dramas that achieve remarkable results. The new Hakka period drama depicts the rich history of tea trade in Hakka settlements of northern Taiwan, added Yiong. The minister remarked that the prosperity of the areas on Taiwan Romantic Route 3 was brought by the tea industry, which linked Taiwan with the world through the bustling commercial port Dadaocheng at that time.

The TV series is based on the life story of Beipu tea merchant Chiang A-hsin (姜阿新) and the rise and decline of his career, from becoming a business tycoon to a bankrupt trader. Despite the failure, the drama’s protagonist “Jisan” staged a comeback, overcoming many obstacles to rebuild his company.

The main characters of this drama include Kuo Tzu-Chien (郭子乾), who plays the role of the tycoon Jisan; James Wen (溫昇豪), a special assistant of an American corporation in the story; Lien Yu-han (連俞涵) cast as a top businesswoman; Simon Hsueh (薛仕凌), a clever and capable tea merchant; and Li Xing (李杏), who acts the part of a Chinese opera diva.

Even though it is a great challenge, the ability to speak different languages, including Hakka, Hokkien, Shanghainese, Mandarin, English, and Japanese, for these actors is required. Working hard to learn learning various languages and receiving many training courses, actors of this TV series hope to deliver their most convincing performance to the audience.

This twelve-episode drama is scheduled for a 2021 release on both PTS and Hakka TV.