Taiwan Consortium of Global Hakka Studies formally founded in Taoyuan

Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Yiong Con-ziin attended the founding conference of Taiwan Consortium of Global Hakka Studies (GHAS, 臺灣全球客家研究聯盟) at National Central University in Taoyuan on June 21.

At the conference, Minister Yiong had a discussion with Professor Hsiao Hsin-huang (
蕭新煌), who is a member of the GHAS executive committee. Yiong lauded the remarkable results produced by three colleges of Hakka Studies and other Hakka-related departments of universities across Taiwan, with the number of theses and dissertations on Hakka studies reaching 70 to 80 per year. To improve the quality of research in Hakka studies, HAC is planning to set up an award for best academic work and subsidize large projects on Hakka regional research.

In response to the plan proposed by the minister, Hsiao suggested that strict scrutiny standards should be adopted for the submitted treatises and substantial rewards be given to the author(s) of excellent papers. He said that members of G
HAS will exchange views and thoughts with HAC officials on details of the plan.

Yiong also mentioned that the Council will organize an activity for the Hakka community to pay tribute to indigenous peoples on Aug. 1, Indigenous Peoples' Day. He explained that, historically, the land reclamation of Hakka migrants is an invasion by outsiders from the perspective of native islanders. Hence, HAC will encourage more scholars from the fields of Hakka and indigenous studies to work together to rewrite the history shared by different ethnic groups.

The minister concluded that the development of Hakka culture and formation of Hakka identity have an inseparable relationship with Hakka studies, noting that HAC will constantly offer support and assistance to the research community.