Hakka singers cheer Taiwan on during Covid-19 crisis

As the whole world has been severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, Hakka singer Ayugo Huang (黃連煜) created an inspirational song titled “Yes We Can,” hoping to convey the spirit of human resilience through music during the coronavirus outbreak.

Invited by the Hakka Public Communication Foundation (HPCF, 客家公共傳播基金會), Huang wrote this song that is dedicated to the people of Taiwan. Many award-winning singers gathered at the recording studio for this collaboration as well, including Chen Ming-chu (陳明珠), Chiu Lien-chin (邱廉欽), Huang Wei-jie (黃瑋傑), Wing Lo (羅文裕), Fan Chen-fei (范宸菲), Kung Ta (龔德), and the Ginascan Band (吉那罐子).

Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Lee Yung-de headed to the recording studio on May 7 to offer his encouragement and support to the singers, thanking them for actively participating and producing this meaningful song. He also shared in their hopes for the epidemic to end soon.

Minister Lee stated that, after its establishment at the end of 2019, HPCF has been strongly promoting Hakka culture. With the cooperation between HAC and HPCF, it is hoped that the comforting music and tender voices of Hakka singers will soothe anxious nerves in these difficult times.

Huang noted that the plague has brought about considerable destruction around the globe, claiming countless lives and devastating families in all corners of the world. Although Taiwan’s preemptive measures were able to curb the coronavirus, the domestic economy and tourism still suffered an unprecedented blow, added Huang. Therefore, he wanted to deliver the vitality and positive energy of the Hakka people to his listeners and boost people’s confidence in fighting against the epidemic.

Minister Lee, who was invited by Huang to participate in the recording, then sang with the featured singers and added his finishing touches to the song.