Hakka team wins bronze at IKA Culinary Olympics in Germany

To encourage young chefs to promote Hakka cuisine on the international stage, the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) subsidized a team of young chefs to participate in the Culinary Olympics 2020, which took place in Stuttgart, Germany from Feb. 14 through 19.

Out of the 28 contending groups, Taiwans culinary team won a bronze medal for its presentation of Hakka cuisine. Distinctive flavors such as Hakka pickled vegetables (梅干菜), kumquat preserve (桔醬), fried shallots (油蔥), and braised radish (蘿蔔封) were introduced to Stuttgart via the team’s creative recipes, captivating the taste buds of the jurors.

The Culinary Olympics, or Internationale Kochkunst Ausstellung (IKA), was launched by Germany in 1900. The 120-year-old quadrennial competition is globally regarded as a top-level culinary contest, and winning its award signifies the highest honor. This year, IKA’s 25th edition was attended by 110 teams from 67 countries.

Coached by professor Chang Chih-teng (張志騰) and led by Hakka chef Wen Kuo-chi (溫國智), the 16 team members prepared themselves for the competition through a one-year training course. They put in a great deal of effort practicing every month and even flew to Thailand for group training, delving into the international competition rules, sharpening their cooking skills, and strengthening their collaborative spirit.