Hakka photography exhibition held in Hsinchu

Hakka Public Communications Foundation (HPCF) President Chern Ban (陳板, also known Chen Bang-jen 陳邦畛) was invited to visit an outdoor photography exhibition at New Tile House Hakka Cultural District (新瓦屋客家文化保存區) in Hsinchu County’s Zhubei City on Feb. 20. The exhibition is taking place until March 1.

HPCF President Chern stated that the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) spent six months organizing this exhibition. Twenty-two photographers at home and abroad joined the program to create art by exploring Hakka settlements on Taiwan Romantic Route 3 in Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, and Taichung City, he added. Through their observation and conversation with local residents, these artists snapped pictures to present their interpretations of Hakka villages today, Chern noted.

Forty-five percent of the 150 snapshots were taken in the Hsinchu area. For example, the scenic beauty of the sunrise in Baoshan Township (寶山鄉), the lakes of Emei Township (峨眉鄉), Panlong Bridge (攀龍吊橋) of Hengshan Township (橫山鄉), and Dong An Bridge (東安古橋) of Guanxi Township (關西鎮) are all part of this exhibition.

Apart from natural landscapes, the cultural heritage and daily lives of the Hakka villagers were also presented by the photographers in their artworks. Viewers will see images of firewood-baked persimmons, a blacksmith shop, an ancient tofu store, and a traditional Hakka noodle stall, as well as portraits of a 90-year-old lady selling textiles on an old street, a tailor, a tea farmer, an owner of a beauty salon, and vendors in Zhudong Market (竹東市場). Every photograph tells an exclusive and compelling Hakka story.

On Feb. 28, a talk will be hosted by Or Book Store (
或者書店). Exhibition curator Sun Wei-shiuan (孫維瑄), National Chiao Tung University professor Lo Lieh-shih (羅烈師), and two of featured photographers Huang Tzu-ming (黃子明) and Richard Kao (高政全) will attend the session to share their wonderful experiences with the audience.

More information can be found at https://iseehakka.com.tw/.