Hakka spring ceremony held in Pingtung

Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Lee Yung-de attended the spring ceremony of the Liudui Zhongyi Temple (六堆忠義祠) in Pingtung on Feb. 9.

Along with lawmakers Chung Chia-pin (鍾佳濱) and Liao Wan-ju (廖婉汝), Director-General of the Pingtung County Department of Hakka Affairs Chen Li-Ping (陳麗萍), Liudui Zhongyi Temple Management Committee (六堆忠義祠管理委員會) Chair Lan Chun-chien (藍群傑), and Liudui Cultural and Educational Foundation (六堆文教基金會) President Huang Kuo-kuang (黃國光), HAC Minister Lee officiated a ceremony worshipping Zhong Yung Gong (忠勇公), a collective term used in southern Taiwan for ancestral Hakkas who sacrificed their lives in battle or hometown defense.

As the most representative cultural event in the Liudui region, the worship ceremony is held in spring and autumn every year to commemorate Hakka ancestors who fought at the expense of their lives to protect their homeland, express respect for deities, present the Hakka spirit of the Liudui settlements, and pass on this cultural heritage to next generations. The biannual observance signifies not only strong religious faith but also thriving Hakka culture.

Following traditional rituals, Minister Lee prayed to Zhong Yung Gong for the country’s wellbeing and prosperity in hope that next year’s festival marking Liudui’s 300th anniversary will go well. He is also confident that the ceremonial rites will be continuously passed down from generation to generation.

Minister Lee added that, during her visit to Zhongyi Temple last year, President Tsai Ing-wen announced that the government will organize a national-level committee for organizing the temple’s 300th anniversary celebrations in 2021.

In his statement, Lee concluded that everyone should work together for the environmentally and culturally sustainable development of the Liudui area.