Winners revealed at inaugural Hakka Pop Music Contest

Aiming to widely promote Hakka music and spur a new music trend, the Hakka Pop Music Contest (客家流行音樂大賽) was launched by the Hakka Affairs Council this year. Following the competition finals, the winners were revealed at an awards ceremony in Taipei on Dec. 29.

Out of the 95 submissions received, 21 contestants advanced to the final round, with Siàu-lú khah-lah (少女卡拉) winning the first prize. The second prize winner was HighCC (害喜喜), who also earned the award for best composer, and Ricie Fun (范宸菲), who took third place, was recognized as best lyricist as well. Kung Ta (龔德) was named best singer and the special jury prize went to Li Yan-feng (李彥鋒).

Encompassing a variety of musical genres such as a capella, hip-hop, rock and roll, and folk music, the entries reflect the diversity and richness of Hakka pop music. Reaching beyond national boundaries, this year’s competition even received submissions from Indonesia.

The contest judges included jury convener Bing Wang (王治平), Hakka singers Liu Shao-hsi (劉劭希), Ayugo Huang (黃連煜), and Yen Chih-wen (顏志文), drama producer Tang Sheng-rong (湯昇榮), and record producer Swing Wang (王斯禹), as well as representatives from the field of mass media and music-related industries.

Radio presenter Voter Hsu (徐哲緯) and television presenter Chiago Liu (劉容嘉) hosted the awards ceremony. Performances were brought by Golden Melody Award winners Joanna Wang (王若琳), Zixuan Huang (黃子軒), Ayugo Huang, and The Chairman Band (董事長樂團).

This event presented the charms of modern Hakka music by breaking down all traditional conventions and displaying the innovations of these musicians. It is hoped that more talents will enter the territory of Hakka pop music to enrich Taiwan’s music scene.