Hakka-style mass wedding held in Kaohsiung

Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Lee Yung-de attended a collective Hakka-style wedding ceremony in Kaohsiung on Nov. 2. As one of the 12 traditional Hakka festivals of Taiwan, this celebratory event has been held for 7 straight years.

Following the marriage procession, 50 participating couples dressed in classic Hakka blue blouses entered the venue. A series of Hakka wedding rituals were then performed, including lighting lanterns, serving tea, and helping elders wear flower headdresses, all of which symbolize fertility and prosperity on this auspicious occasion.

Together with Kaohsiung City Deputy Mayor Chen Hsiung-wen (陳雄文), HAC Minister Lee officiated the ceremony and delivered a congratulatory speech. In his statement, Lee conveyed messages of heartfelt congratulations to the grooms and brides and wished them a lifetime of happiness on behalf of President Tsai Ing-wen and Premier Su Tseng-chang, both of whom deeply care about Hakka culture, he added.

The minister said that it was really touching to see so many couples opt for a traditional Hakka-style wedding, and thanked them for helping to promote and pass down Hakka culture. Lee further mentioned that each couple worn an exclusive design, and that each wedding outfit reflects a fascinating mixture of traditional Hakka elements and modern styles, noting that extensive efforts were expended on planning this orthodox Hakka wedding.

After the ceremony, a grand wedding banquet was held beside the Love River for the newlyweds and guests. Hakka chef Li Chang-yuan (李長遠) presented traditional Taiwanese and Hakka cuisine, including sliced poached chicken (白斬雞), Hakka gua bao (客家鹹菜扣肉刈包), rice pudding with Jiaxian taro and sergestid shrimp (甲仙芋頭櫻花蝦米糕), and lobster-and-cabbage hot pot (龍蝦白菜火鍋).

Moreover, Hakka singer Peng Chia-ni (彭佳霓) brought her captivating performance to the wedding feast while guests enjoyed their tasty Hakka dishes. Content and delighted, the newly married couples and their loved ones soaked up the pleasant and warm atmosphere of the blissful event.