Photographing the Hakka essence of Taiwan Romantic Route 3

To display the culturally distinctive landscapes along Taiwan Romantic Route 3, the Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) invited 22 photographers from home and abroad to capture the beauty of Hakka settlements by launching a photography exhibition of their works at the end of December this year in Taipei and Hsinchu.

(Photo by Huang Wen-yung)

Curator Suan Hooi-wah (
全會華), a Malaysia-born photographer and founder of the Taiwan International Visual Arts Center (臺灣國際視覺藝術中心), stated that the invited Taiwanese photographers include Chiang Ssu-hsien (江思賢), Ho Ching-tai (何經泰), Lin Kuo-chang (林國彰), Wesley Ko (柯曉東), Yang Yung-chih (楊永智), Huang Wen-yung (黃文勇), Huang Tzu-ming (黃子明), Yeh Tao-hsuan (葉陶軒), Richard Kao (高政全), Chang Chung-liang (張仲良), Yeh Tsai (葉裁), and Liang Guo-long (梁國龍).

In addition, Suan added that this program also involves foreign artists from various countries, including Carl Tsang (曾嘉樂) and Kok Heng Sun (郭向新) from China; Hervé Bernard and Martial Verdier, France; Agatha Bunanta, Indonesia; Toshiyuki Kumagai (熊谷俊之), Japan; Kim Teoh (張榮欽) and Harry Woo (胡航生), Malaysia; Oh Jae-Hyuk, South Korea; and Wei Fu, Thailand.

Through their unique lens, these photographers have been exploring 28 Hakka settlements throughout Taoyuan City, Hsinchu County, Miaoli County, and Taichung City, snapping pictures of significant historical sites, intangible cultural assets, and Hakka communities to document and interpret the peerless heritage of Taiwan.


(Photo by Yeh Tao-hsuan)