Youth delegation promotes Hakka culture in Australia, New Zealand

A youth delegation of the 2019 Hakka Youth International Affairs Mission held a presentation at the Xinzhuang Joint Office Tower in New Taipei City on Aug. 28 after its two-week visit to Australia and New Zealand. Hakka Affairs Council (HAC) Minister Lee Yung-de also presented certificates to the young delegates for completing the overseas program.

Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-de presents certificates to the delegation of the Hakka Youth International Affairs Mission for completing the overseas program in New Taipei City on Aug. 28, 2019.

Minister Lee noted that, out of the 113 applicants, 13 exceptional youngsters with an average age of 17 selected by HAC were provided with a two-week intensive training program before they took a trip to Australasia for 17 days. During their visit, these young representatives, who are regarded as the pride and hope of Hakka, have impressed overseas Hakkas and foreign friends in Oceania, Lee added.


Lee further stated that some delegates of this edition were the might-have-beens of last year’s application process, but they devoted themselves to achieving their goal. He added that their concerted efforts show their passion for Hakka affairs and determination to be successful. Minister Lee promises that the program, which aims to encourage Hakka youngsters to participate in Hakka affairs and promote Hakka culture on the world stage, will be expanded on a wider scale next year.


The young Hakka delegates visit Rakaia School of New Zealand in August 2019, as part of the cultural-exchange program.

For the young Hakka delegates, the trip to New Zealand focused on exploring the cultural preservation practices of the Māori and learning how Māori culture integrates with mainstream society by means of government policies and education. Under the arrangement of the New South Wales Division of the United Nations Association of Australia, they also met with leaders of local non-governmental organizations in Sydney and learned more about the operations of international and public affairs.

In addition, they attended the 2019 Global Hakka Cultural Meeting and Taiwanese Hakka Convention in Brisbane from Aug. 11 to 13, introduced themselves to members of overseas Hakka associations, and served as volunteers of the convention to engage in global Hakka affairs. Members of Hakka associations from around the world were amazed by the youths as their confidence and vitality shone through talent shows featuring Hakka folk songs, dances, and traditional musical instruments.