Hakka youth delegation sets off for Australia, New Zealand

Hakka Affairs Council Minister Lee Yung-de visited the delegates of the 2019 Hakka Youth International Affairs Mission on July 26, as they had just finished their two-week training course and will soon set off for Australia and New Zealand. Minister Lee encouraged the young delegates to seize the opportunity to promote Hakka culture, participate in global affairs, and link up with the world.

Lee hoped that these excellent cultural ambassadors will raise the profile of Taiwan’s Hakka heritage on the world stage, and present the best side of Hakka culture to foreign countries. He further reminded the delegates to take good care of themselves during their upcoming trip and return home safe and sound.

Out of the 113 applicants, 13 exceptional youngsters with an average age of 17 were selected by HAC for the delegation. They speak fluent Hakka and English in additional to having great talents, including dancing, singing, and playing musical instruments such as the guitar, ukulele, erhu, and clarinet.

Each year, the destination varies. Now in its third edition, this year’s delegation is scheduled to visit Sydney and Brisbane of Australia and Auckland and Christchurch of New Zealand from July 30 to Aug. 15. Their tasks shall include participation in international affairs, cultural exchanges, and volunteer services.

For the young representatives, the trip to New Zealand will focus on exploring the cultural preservation of Māori and exchanging experiences with a local youth club called “Student Volunteer Army.” Under the arrangement of the New South Wales Division of the United Nations Association of Australia, they will also meet leaders of local non-governmental organizations in Sydney and learn more about the operations of international and public affairs.

In addition, they will attend the 2019 Global Hakka Cultural Meeting and Taiwanese Hakka Convention and introduce themselves to members of overseas Hakka associations. Through a series of seminars and in-depth discussions, Hakka culture will surely be presented in front of the world, adding to global diversity.