Hakka slow food festival kicks off in Taoyuan

The Hakka International Slow Food Festival, an event series promoting Hakka new lifestyle and local food culture, will be running from Sept. 21 through Dec. 16 in Hakka communities across Taiwan.

With an emphasis on principles of good, clean, and fair, Hakka slow food focuses not only on the taste of food but also re-examines the relationship between people and the land, aiming to provide healthy, quality, and environmentally-friendly food, as well as accessible prices for consumers and fair pay for producers.

Hakka slow food also advocates living life slowly and enhance connections with others through food. Learning about food culture is also a way to preserve Hakka traditions and customs.  

The Hakka Affairs Council has selected twelve Hakka communities situated along the Provincial Highway 3 to organize a series of events, including forums, workshops, and local tours that will showcase local Hakka cuisines and culture for the public to gain a deeper understanding about the Hakka through the concept of slow food. 

Provincial Highway 3 is an industrial road that connects sixteen Hakka communities from northern Taiwan to the south. The central government has launched the Taiwan Romantic Route 3 project to revitalize culture, tourism, and industries in the communities.

Previously, a wide range of activities had been held in two Hakka communities, where local professionals and cooks all joined to introduce their local tourist destinations, industries, food, and culture to promote Hakka slow food.

This month in Jupu, a Hakka community in Hsinchu where agriculture used to be the main industry in early days, has offered guided tours to local destinations such as the Guang Yuan Ji Irrigation Pond (廣源記圳池塘), a pit where local residents did laundry in the past, and a monument established to celebrate the Governor’s visit to the community during the Japanese colonial era.

There will also be Hakka cuisines prepared by local home cooks, such as Hakka chopped broth boiled chicken, braised pork belly with pickled mustard, fried egg with Hakka dried radish, salad with local dried permissions, stir fry flat rice noodles, and seasonal fruits for visitors to learn how Hakkas transform local grown agricultural products into delicious and healthy dishes.

Following Jupu community, the festival move to other Hakka communities to hold various kinds of throughout the end of this year for the public to experience and learn more about the new Hakka lifestyle aesthetic through local food.

For more information, please visit http://www.hakkadelicacy.tw/news-2.htm