Hakka radio, TV programmes nominated for multiple GBA honors

The Hakka Affairs Council held a tea party on Sept. 27 to congratulate the 53rd Golden Bell Award nominees, who were nominated for a total of 24 awards this year.

The tea party kicked off with a singing performance of “Hip Hop Hakka (嘻哈客家情)” by Hakka artist Wing (羅文裕) and hostess Lin Yu-ting (林鈺婷). Following the performance, Minister Lee Yung-de of the Hakka Affairs Council presented each of the nominees a certificate in recognition of their efforts.

Minister Lee shared his experience of working as the general manager in the Public Television Service, where he learned about the strict selection process for the Golden Bell. Thus, it is not easy to be selected, and it is also a form of recognition to receive nominations at the competitive Golden Bell Awards, noted Minister Lee.

Minister Lee thanked the individuals and teams for engaging in broadcasting and television that dedicated to promoting and passing on Hakka culture and language through outstanding and quality programs.

The nominees for radio broadcasting category includes radio host Hsu Chun-chih (
徐俊智), who was nominated for Best Host in an Educational and Cultural Program for “Sex & Gender Meeting (賽客思同學會)” and Best Host in an Art and Cultural Program as well as Best Art and Cultural Program for “Hakka Gold Dance (客家金誠舞).”

The television broadcasting category, on the other hand, includes the Hakka TV drama “Roseki (台北歌手),” which was nominated for eleven awards; educational TV show “Grade 0 Incidents (小0事件簿)” and “Mage Mage (麼个麼个)” for Best Children Programme and Best Host in a Children Programme; “Hakka Overseas (作客他鄉)” for Best Lifestyle Programme; “Singing Hakka Loudly (大聲MY客風)” for Best Entertainment Show and Best Directing for Non-Drama Program; “Telling a Story (講麼个故事)” for Best Animation Programme; “After Missing One – Gleam (少了一個之後-微光)” for Best Documentary Series, and “Behind the Scenes (幕後有藝思)” for Best Host in a Documentary Series.